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Handwritten Notes For Small Business

Handwritten Notes For Small Business – Today more consumers are looking for ways to shop and support small businesses. There are hundreds of thousands of small businesses offering the same products and services as you. Adding a personal touch gives your customers a reason to patronize your business. After all, there is no better (and free!) way to do business than getting your customers to do it for you through word of mouth and social media.

Handwritten notes and cards are considered rare in today’s digital age. When was the last time you received another text for your birthday or anniversary? I recently placed an order with a small business for the first time. When I opened the package, I was shocked to find a handwritten note that read,

Handwritten Notes For Small Business

Handwritten Notes For Small Business

“My dear, thank you for your support. May you and your family be blessed with health, happiness and all good things.”

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I appreciated that note so much that I felt inclined to share it with you all on social media and here. A small personal touch, such as a handwritten note, is all it takes to turn a new customer (a one-time buyer) into a loyal customer and advocate for your brand.

Adding a personal touch makes your business stand out. Now make customers stop for a moment and think about the person on the other side of the record, and the team behind them who help make it happen.

Think about what happens after a customer places an order with you. What emails, if any, do they receive? Do you send invoices and shipping confirmations? Email marketing is also a great way to grow your business, and it costs you nothing.

Consider sending a thank you email to someone on your team. I received a great example the other day. I even responded to my email with my questions and received a response from a team member the next day. Remember, the best thank you emails include a personal touch such as the customer’s name in the subject line or body of the email.

The Handwritten Prospecting Letter

Another example I received was a folded accordion brochure. The print marketing piece advertises the extension to the product I bought, which I can get for free if I share a customer review about my experience. As we all know, customer reviews are very valuable for small businesses. Customer reviews can be the reason potential customers decide to give your business a go or go with a competitor.

Who doesn’t love getting free stuff? yes! What I like about this proposal is that it creates a give-and-take that benefits both parties. The companies I buy from add a personal touch to implement the “WHY” – which is the reason they ask for feedback. Read marketing materials,

“We are a young brand and we need your encouragement and suggestions to grow fast. […] If you have other suggestions for this product, you can also email us to give us a better chance before you leave a negative review or return again? We will do everything to make you satisfied.”

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Handwritten Notes For Small Business

When in doubt, you can always add a personal touch by including a small gift inside your package. Some of the company swag I received today are stickers, hair ties/scrunchies, branded pens, etc. As I said before, everyone loves a freebie.

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Gifts help you stay top of mind for customers, especially if it’s something they will actually use on a daily basis, and provide free marketing for others who find it. Giving is one of the five love languages—and it can make your customers love you even more. I’m going to tell you a story you won’t believe, a story that makes my arm hurt just thinking about it: A young fashion company called HEX has built a thriving business through 13,000 handwritten thank you notes from its employees – and great customer loyalty.

But first: Why is a thank you note important in customer service, in the customer experience? Because beginnings and endings have incredible power to influence your customers.

The brain selectively chooses which events to store in memory. All the same, the brain “assumes” that the beginning of the relationship (hello) and the end (goodbye) are worth taking a mental picture for future reference.

Everyone has heard about the power of a first impression, but in our rush to finish something for the client and our rush to get to the next, we may forget to provide a clear and memorable end to the client interaction. The end, as much as the beginning, is the moment that psychological research shows will stick in the memory of your customers: it can have a real impact on how customers see your company in the days and months to come.

Writing The Perfect Customer Thank You Note (+ Examples)

To have a positive and memorable end to the customer interaction, find a way to show that you care, that the relationship / sale / purchase is important to you, that you want the customer to return.

One of the true and correct ways to do this is with pen and ink: end the customer conversation with a handwritten note.

Advantages of handwritten notes: This is undeniable by the person who wrote his thanks. Or, almost without rejection. I have received one or two that I think (and I don’t mean this, just to be honest) may have been made in the factory protected in the name of the alleged sender of the note.

Handwritten Notes For Small Business

Weaknesses of handwritten notes: One weakness is “Are we going to get away with this?” worry, that one is true. Do you want to dread, and end up dreading, a pile of cards to write each week?

Harnessing The Power Of Handwritten Notes In Business

The other is that your customer cannot press “reply” to continue the conversation, or better yet, to initiate a reset. I get very few responses to my handwritten thank you notes, and I don’t think it’s just because Emily Post says responses aren’t necessary. I think it’s because of the heavy response in the receiver.

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The “It Depends” of the Handwritten Note: The “It Depends” is that the power of the thank you note depends in part on the sincerity of the writing. To thank the power of customer service, I think the note is necessary:

• Identify a special relationship or cause that you are grateful for. “Thank you for being a customer” doesn’t cut it.

• Be a little surprised. I sometimes, not always, get a thank you note from my seller at Nordstrom.

How 13,000 Handwritten Thank You Notes Built A Thriving Business

Trade included. Sorry, you can’t even attach your business card. (That said, don’t let it kill you to respond. If you don’t include your business card, you must print your response information on the card or you can write it by hand.)

• Black (blue is acceptable from Memorial Day to Labor Day) on paper with at least 80% cotton count.

A young company that decided to take a direct approach to the customer interaction / thank you stage is HEX, a fashion technology accessory brand (in other words, a company that makes serious iPad covers and others). HEX is a small company that competes with big brands from Tumi to Michael Kors, and has competed in part by including personal, handwritten thank you notes to shoppers – more than 13,000 thank you notes to date.

Handwritten Notes For Small Business

Above is an example of HEX’s thank you, posted by one of its customers on Instagram. HEX thank you notes are super cool, personalized not only with the customer’s name but with some comments about the item purchased. Notes make it easy to respond or share HEX words on social channels, both by including social coordinates and because in addition to manual notes, customers receive automatic online confirmation that they can respond.

On Demand Personalised Written Letters Sent On Your Behalf

If I had two recommendations for HEX (this uncompensated consultation should be at least what they don’t pay for), they would be my recommendations.

1. Saying “John” instead of “Dear John” as a greeting is rather cold. And cold, obviously, is the enemy of heat.

2. Signing this personal card with only the company name – “HEX” – is not recommended. Because the point here is to explain to the customer that their business is important. This sale is important. They value real people from real people who make purchases. A goal that, for the most part, HEX seems to achieve. So if I’m HEX and for some reason don’t want this note to be signed by an individual employee (which is my usual preference), I can choose “–Julie and the whole gang at HEX” . But not just “–HEX.” Product Automation Platform Code-free automation in over 5,000+ apps How it works Learn Security Basics Trusted by 2M+ businesses Features Build flexible services App integration Explore 5,000+ app connections Early Access Be the first to try new products Beta shipping Transform big data

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