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Grants For Small Businesses Austin

Grants For Small Businesses Austin – The Department of Economic Development’s Cultural Arts Funding Program supports cultural arts programs in the Austin community by contracting with arts organizations for specific services.

The current cultural funding programs have been developed in consultation with Austin’s creative community over the past 3 years. Funding is prioritized through a combination of equity seed funding, broad sector support and targeted investments. Read the report on financing culture (PDF, 1.8 MB), El camino hacia la equidad cultural (PDF, 2.2 MB).

Grants For Small Businesses Austin

Grants For Small Businesses Austin

Since 1981, the Department of Cultural Arts has administered various funding programs through the Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) authorized by state law.

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The Thrive Grant provides a targeted investment to support and grow local nonprofit arts organizations that are deeply rooted and reflective of Austin’s diverse cultures. Grants range from $80,000 to $150,000 per year for a two-year contract. Learn more and apply for a Thrive Grant.

The Additional Program Details document contains relevant information about the guidelines for all three programs. The project was updated on June 8.

There are currently no open grant applications. New scholarship opportunities will be announced in October 2022. Below you will find useful information to prepare for future opportunities.

Learn how to become a registered vendor with the City of Austin. All funded individuals and organizations must be registered sellers. Registered suppliers may also receive solicitation notices for other contract options. Settings can be updated or submitted online.

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Watch the video on creating a municipality account. | How to create a cuenta con la Ciudad.

For those who are in our database or have applied for a City of Austin Economic Development Department program within the past two years.

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Grants For Small Businesses Austin

Restaurants and bars across Texas have received more than $1 billion in aid, according to new data released by the U.S. Small Business Administration. Of that amount, about 556 grants went to restaurants, with amounts ranging from more than $8 million to $1,553. So which restaurants got the most money?

List: Austin Area, Black Owned Businesses To Support

This third round of funding is part of the US bailout stimulus bill signed into law in March 2021. Applications for the grant, available for a maximum of $10 million, opened on May 3 but closed on June 30 after the fund ran out. silver. The US Small Business Administration, the government agency that oversees the program, received 18,461 applications for Texas restaurant grants and approved only 6,406 grants totaling $1,674,864,564, an approval rate of about 35%. Restaurateurs do not have to repay the grants if they have been used to cover eligible costs by March 2023.

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The largest beneficiary was Panera Bread franchisee Texas Restaurant Group Inc. Big, expected local restaurant groups also feature: McGuire Moorman got $3 million for Lambert’s and $1.6 million for its other restaurants; New Waterloo (which includes La Condesa) received $2.6 million; and Kung Fu Saloon grossed a total of $3.6 million. There are also several catered restaurants like Contigo and Peached Tortilla, which makes sense since the events were on hold.

Another recipient was Spin LLC, the local location of the national table tennis bar chain Spin. It is understood the bar closed in the second half of 2020 and its parent company sold its stake in the location in early January. “Spin no longer has any financial involvement or interest in this entity or location, and the Spin name will not be used in any future business,” co-founder Andrew Gordon told Eater. That means the new owners — including Andy Hersch — applied for pandemic grants this year. It appears Hersch plans to reopen the address as an unaffiliated ping pong club. Eater has reached out to the new owners for more information.

The Restaurant Revitalization Fund was to prioritize funding for businesses owned by women, veterans and economically and socially disadvantaged groups that had missed out on previous rounds of financial assistance, offering 21 days during which applications were open only to those groups. However, white restaurateurs have sued, claiming the policy is discriminatory.

Victorian Small Business Ventilation Program

Here’s a look at area companies that have received grants of more than $1 million and their totals. A complete list can be found online.

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Grants For Small Businesses Austin

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Grants For Small Businesses Austin

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Austin Emerges As A City Of Unicorns And Tech Giants

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He didn’t get funding once, but TWO semesters in a row! During that time, he was able to find a co-founder, start his own company, become a Next Generation Fellow at the United Nations Foundation, and give a TED talk at UT Austin’s TedX event!

A company that makes more accurate and easier-to-use spirometers to help doctors better access and monitor patients’ lung health.

Grants For Small Businesses Austin

After receiving the StartUP grant, Abhi and his team completed a two-week clinical validation study, conducted 50 studies and patient interviews, validated the value of their product to patients and physicians, and significantly improved their product. They even submitted an application for registration!

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(Who are you? What is the opportunity? How will this grant be used?

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