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Fox News Small Business Spotlight

Fox News Small Business Spotlight – Mobile, Ala. They joined us on FOX10 Midday to share the details of what’s to come!

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Fox News Small Business Spotlight

Fox News Small Business Spotlight

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The LendingTree Bowl has announced that it will double the amount of contributions to the LendaHand Small Business Grant Program – bringing its total contributions to Mobile County small businesses to $40,000. The program will also reduce minimum annual income requirements. Help more local businesses qualify for $10,000 in small business aid.

Ahead of the 2022 bowl game, LendingTree selects four small businesses to watch during the bowl season. In addition to the $10,000 grant, the four selected companies will be featured on LendingTree’s social media channels and through advertising related to the game. Local businesses with 25 or fewer employees who have been in business for more than a year can apply until September 30.

It’s great to see Bowl doubling down on LendingTree’s investment in LendaHand on Mobile. Small businesses make Mobile, and we continue to participate in this program to highlight the great work of local entrepreneurs. If your small business is interested in the LendaHand Small Business Grant, you can find an application and additional information

Download the FOX10 Weather app. Get life-saving severe weather alerts wherever you are. It is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. FOX NewsMedia CEO Suzanne Scott and President Jay Wallace announced the 2021 FOX News Media Spotlight Award winners on Thursday during an employee town hall event.

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The FOX News Media Recognition Awards provide an opportunity for leaders to recognize exceptional employees who go above and beyond in the workplace. The event will be an annual tradition for FOX News Media, and management has received hundreds of nominations from employees who want to celebrate a special team member.

The FOX News Media Spotlight Awards provide an opportunity for leaders to recognize outstanding employees both inside and outside the workplace. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

The Community Service Award is presented to employees who have devoted their time and energy to the local community and are particularly active in volunteer activities there. on FOX News Media.

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Fox News Small Business Spotlight

“Jessica received the President’s Service Award for her 365 years of community service,” Hemmer said. “She has volunteered on over 90 projects with Cares New York, knitted hats for the homeless, and recently donated ten inches of her hair to Locks of Love. “

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“Karen O’Connor has partnered with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to make the dreams of seriously ill children come true. Wheels,” Hemmer said.

“She volunteers her time at retirement homes, helps raise money and awareness for children battling illness and loss, and serves on the board of the Greensboro Little League to nurture the next generation of volunteers,” Hemmer said.

“He worked as a volunteer emergency medical technician with the South Orange Rescue Squad. During the darkest days of COVID, he served his community, and he stepped up when he saw someone in need, or in danger. car? The Garden State, or a co-worker who was injured here,” Hemmer said.

The Rising Stars category honors top employees who have demonstrated exemplary behavior and growth throughout the year.

Small Business Spotlight: Sophie’s Punch

“Her partner has become one of the most skilled members of Kristen’s team in the last few months,” Hemmer said. “He’s committed to everything, he’s trying to get better and he’s getting stronger every day.”

“He comes in in the morning to call, to find a story. In the short time he’s been here, he’s proven himself to be a quick learner and an absolutely heroic production assistant,” Hemmer said.

“Taryn Rostowski handles over hundreds of photos per week, with meticulous attention to detail. She is responsible for both creative and technical, and is currently in the early stages of In this work, he has proven himself to be a confident and strong person.” Hemmer said.

Fox News Small Business Spotlight

“Sami Snellings helps D.C. managers close difficult projects early. In a short time, he has proven himself to be a hard worker and overcome challenges. Sami has shown that he understands journalism and can help the new collection,” Hemmer said. .

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“Ray Osoria started out as an entry-level operator, then jumped to video editing before becoming a designated technical director. He worked for TD. His supervisor said he could Ray does anything,” Hemmer said. “Ray is also one of the photographers, in fact, I told you that he is currently in the control room, working at City Hall.”

“I look forward to seeing you grow in this company,” Wallace said. “We’re all behind you.”

The Unsung Heroes Awards recognize employees who are needed by FOX News Media, but often overlooked.

“Without Mina Perthesis, ‘The Five’ wouldn’t be doing as well as it is,” Hemmer said. “Despite his personal challenges, he remains upbeat, optimistic and consistently reliable. Mika takes the time to answer his colleagues’ questions and is both hardworking and very kind.”

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“Zakrzewski risks his life in a war zone to get a story for Fox News. He sleeps and creates, edits and shoots under extreme pressure. He also helped free Afghan allies -participating with the country after the US withdrawal. Pierre’s extensive knowledge is invaluable.” , and his work ethic is second to none,” Hemmer said.

“Derek Cifrodelli is a driving force in moving our company into new territory. His depth of domain knowledge and natural creativity make him invaluable to his colleagues,” said Hemmer. “His work ethic, interest in all aspects of our business, and tenacity make him a natural leader.”

“Adreanna Walsh is always there, and she always has the answer. She does a lot, and she takes on the toughest challenges,” Hemmer said. “In fact, she does her work so regularly that many people may not know what she does. But as Suzanne Scott’s CEO, Adrianne’s work touches the heart of our company.”

Fox News Small Business Spotlight

Cho was named Ambassador of the Year for her leadership in celebrating, engaging and advocating on behalf of diverse voices inside and outside of FOX News Media.

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“When hate crimes against Asian Americans increased during COVID, Joanna had to come up with ways to fight racism. She created ideas for on-air talent and helped reinforcing our overall message,” Hemmerr said.

The Curtis D.C. staff. is operating an office called Compass, which is in the middle of the office.

“The office has been working 24/7 through the pandemic. When COVID hit, Jody made plans to get us into a new normal,” Hemmer said. “And on the hardest days, Jodi helps her team, making sure things get out on the air and everyone on the field gets home safely.”

“The record office is the center of the office, and Jodi is the center of the office,” Hemmer said.

Small Business Awards 2022

The Impact Award is given to the employee, team or department whose work has the best impact on the company, and the winner in 2021 is “Gutfeld!”

“Gutfeld!” “His team pulled off the impossible by taking a weekend show and turning it into one of the most popular late-night shows on the air,” Hemer said. .

Hosted by Greg Gutfeld, “Gutfeld!” In 2021, Fox News entered the night space as a huge success. It quickly became the second-highest-rated program on late-night television with 1.7 million viewers, behind “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” of ABC. TBS’ “Full Frontal with Samantha the Bee.”

Fox News Small Business Spotlight

Gutfeld, who also hosts “The Five,” became the first TV host to surpass TVS’s Stephen Colbert as the most-watched TV host.

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