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Florida Small And Minority Business Assistance Act

Florida Small And Minority Business Assistance Act – For the latest information on flights and Hurricane Irma, contact your airline. We also encourage you to follow us on Twitter for updates.

The Miami-Dade Department of Aviation’s (MDAD) Division of Minority Affairs is responsible for ensuring that small, minority and disadvantaged businesses are given the greatest opportunity to participate in airport contracts. Recruitment opportunities include construction, architect and engineering, goods and services, retail, food and beverage, car hire, management consultancy and recruitment services. The Division of Minority Affairs acts as a liaison to the Federal Aviation Administration’s Office of Civil Rights and other local small business participation programs.

Florida Small And Minority Business Assistance Act

Florida Small And Minority Business Assistance Act

The US Department of Transportation (US DOT) DBE regulations require state and local transportation agencies that receive DOT financial assistance to establish a DBE program. MDAD has established a DBE program, pursuant to 49 CFR Part 26, designed to ensure nondiscrimination and equal opportunities for small, minority, and disadvantaged businesses to compete and participate in DOT-approved procurement opportunities. Our policy is to ensure that the DBO program complies with applicable law and that eligibility standards are established in accordance with 49 CFR Part 26.

Give Your Minority Owned Small Business An Edge Through The Usdot Certification Program

The US Department of Transportation (US DOT) DBE regulations require airports receiving DOT financial assistance to establish an ACDBE program. MDAD has established an ACDBE program, pursuant to 49 CFR part 23, designed to ensure nondiscrimination and the participation and participation of small, minority, and disadvantaged businesses in rental car or non-rental car airport concessions. Additionally, it is our policy to ensure that the ACDBE program is compliant with applicable law and that eligibility standards are established in accordance with 49 CFR Part 23.

The Small Business Development Division (SBD) of the Miami-Dade County Department of Internal Services is responsible for administering the County’s small business, payroll and workforce programs, including:

The certification process is the starting point for companies to participate in airport business opportunities. To participate as a DBE or ACDBE, businesses must be certified by the Florida State Unified Certification Program (UCP). SBD is a Florida UCP certifying member and can also be contacted for ACDBE/DBE certification.

To participate as an SBO in the fields of Construction, Architecture/Engineering, Goods and Services or LDB, companies must also be certified with the SBD.

Coronavirus (covid 19) Business Assistance

For more information on becoming certified as an SBE, LDB and/or DBE/ACDBE, click here or contact SBD at 305-375-3111.

Before submitting a bid/proposal, a pre-bid/proposal conference is scheduled to answer questions about the bid/proposal request process. The conference will provide opportunities for small and disadvantaged businesses and startups to network for possible joint ventures and other outsourcing opportunities.

The Division of Minority Affairs encourages small businesses interested in current or future opportunities at the airport to attend the pre-bid/proposal conference.

Florida Small And Minority Business Assistance Act

The SBD, in collaboration with the Division of Minority Affairs, organizes a monthly outreach meeting with the business community to introduce upcoming events of MDAD and various regional departments. Information is provided on legal, financial, human resources and current economic conditions. This meeting also provides an opportunity for companies to network for possible future collaborations.

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African American Chamber Of Commerce Central Florida

If you have questions about MDAD’s small business programs, please contact Andre Ragin (DBE/ACDBE Liaison Officer) in the Division of Minority Affairs at (305) 876-7221 / fax (305) 876-0382. In an effort to bring television and film productions to Broward County, create economic growth, high-paying jobs for residents, and provide new and unique opportunities for small businesses to boost the local economy, the county launched the Film Lauderdale/Broward County Film Commission. a performance-based local film and television incentive program was approved last year.

The incentive program requires a certain amount of local spending. Also, a certain percentage of the project must be produced in the district, a certain percentage of the vendors must be in the district, and the production must have at least one student/recent graduate from a local college or university and a verified veteran hire. Learn more about the program here.

The OESBD released its 2021 Annual Report, detailing the many accomplishments it celebrated throughout the year and reiterating that there are real opportunities for small businesses in Broward County. We encourage you to read the report to learn more about our work, including programs and services that create real opportunities for small businesses and economic development.

The Broward County Purchasing Division sends and receives orders through an electronic bidding system called Periscope S2G. We encourage you to register for free with Periscope S2G to receive recruitment notices and respond to Council requests electronically. Steps to register:

Small Biz Florida

Note: It’s free to sign up for Periscope S2G and you don’t have to pay any fees to view our requests once you’re signed up. Although Periscope S2G offers a subscription service for a fee (“LinksPlus”), you are not required to do business with Broward County.

Our CBEs participate and win contracts. They also serve as PRIME contractors. If you are not certified, “Get Certified” NOW – there are real opportunities available! Do you have questions about certificate programs? Call 954-357-6400 and ask to speak with a certification specialist.

The county sets targets of at least 25% on most projects and contracts for our certified small businesses.

Florida Small And Minority Business Assistance Act

In December, the County Commission approved participation and funding from the Southern Opportunity and Resilience (SOAR) loan fund. The county’s funding will provide up to $100,000 in flexible, affordable and free business support services to small businesses and nonprofits in Broward County to help them navigate and rebuild from the Covid-19 economic crisis. The loans are designed to reach smaller and historically unbanked businesses, including those in rural areas and those owned by women, people of color and immigrants. The fund is administered by the NDC on behalf of the County. Learn more!

Welcome To North Lauderdale

NOTE: To receive a loan from the SOAR Fund, a small business must meet the requirements. The owner of the business with the largest ownership interest must complete and submit the preliminary application, and all owners with more than 20% ownership must verify the information provided.

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The US Small Business Administration (SBA) recognizes that LGBTQ+ businesses in the United States contribute $1.7 trillion to the American economy, creating thousands of new jobs each year. SBA and OESBD celebrate LGBTQ+ innovators and entrepreneurs who provide vital services and diversify our communities.

The SBA helps entrepreneurs access capital, mentorship and business opportunities. These resources will help you get started:

Still in need of rental assistance due to the ongoing financial impact of the pandemic? The county received an additional $22 million in federal funding. Our Family Success Department will review all previously denied applications to see if applicants meet the requirements of the new program. No need to reapply. New applicants, visit

Gainesville’s Number Of Minority Businesses Ranks High Nationally, A Study Suggests

The OESBD has assigned small business targets to the projects below. These projects have not yet been submitted for procurement. However, now is the time to secure and prepare your business! In addition, we encourage you to meet with project managers to understand the scope of the project before posting it for procurement.

The South Florida Health Foundation, the region’s largest philanthropic organization dedicated to achieving health equity in historically underserved communities, today announced it will invest $1.2 million to launch an AI-powered technology platform to help increase recruitment opportunities for local and minority groups. . It has small businesses with regional anchor institutions: Broward County, Broward College, Florida International University and the University of Miami; Broward County Public Schools and Miami Dade Public Schools; UHealth and Broward Health; City of Miami and Miami-Dade County. The initiative is the first to bring together a significant number of anchor organizations to consolidate procurement opportunities and supplier lists. It is also the first time that there is a single entry point for contract opportunities across multiple organizations. “I am proud of the collaboration between many organizations to streamline these processes and create hiring opportunities for small businesses in our communities,” said Broward County Mayor Michael Udine. .More…

Are you a County Business Enterprise (CBE) or Small Business Enterprise (SBE) that wants to share your story? We’d love to hear from you!

Florida Small And Minority Business Assistance Act

Did you know that by sharing your story you can attract your ideal customers – people who love people and the story behind the business they support. You can inspire others too! We want other small businesses to see the potential for certification. There are many options for certified businesses! We want every small business in Broward to get their piece of the contract pie. Share your story today!

Grants For Minority Small Business Owners

RFP # FY 2021-2022-015 CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT AT RISK (CMAR) DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS (DPW) ELECTRIC VEHICLE (EV) BUS CHARGE AND FLEET FACILITIESBusinessFlorida Leads Nation In Number National Business Lawyer Report Black and ranks third among others. -Owned businesses.

Self-made entrepreneurs Allysen Kerr and Djeneé Dunn have worked hard to build their women- and minority-owned business, Prymel Elements, a branding and consulting agency in Tampa. (Prymel items)

FLORIDA – Small businesses make up 99.8 percent of all businesses in Florida.

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