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Financial Management For Small Business Ppt

Financial Management For Small Business Ppt – Show the scope of financial management with these financial management PowerPoint presentation slides. Ready-to-use financial planning PowerPoint complete coverage of financial management goals, objectives, US financial system, financial instruments, rights issues, debt, time value of money parameters, bond valuations, comparative statements, common size statements, balance sheets and more. Include slides. Charts, cash flow statements, trend analysis, ratio analysis, cash flow from operating activities, and more. Determine financial need and ensure adequate funds are available. Focus your audience on foreign exchange capital analysis, project capital budgeting techniques, capital structure and dividend policy, leverage analysis, cost of capital, working capital analysis, accounts receivable management, inventory management, financial order quality, FIFO and LIFO methods, commodities Swap, etc. Go ahead. Fundamentals and categories, commodity trading structure, financial risk management, categories and composition, financial risk analysis, capital asset pricing model and other investment management PPT slide downloads, introducing financial accounting concepts. Master it all with our financial management Powerpoint presentation slides. They help demonstrate great skills.

Financial Management PowerPoint Presentation Slides. This complete deck includes 77 content-ready templates. These PPT slides can be simplified. Users can edit fonts, colors and slideshows as needed. Users can quickly download presentation templates for widescreen and standard screens. This presentation is fully powered by Google Slides. It can be easily converted to JPG or PDF format.

Financial Management For Small Business Ppt

Financial Management For Small Business Ppt

Slide 2: This slide covers Overview, Financial Instruments, Financial Statements, Cash Flow, Capital Stability Analysis, Capital Structure and Dividend Policy, Working Capital Analysis, Inventory Management, Commodity Exchange, Financial Risk Management, Presenting Financial Management Over Time Plan your money’s worth. , KPIs and Dashboards.

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Slide 3: This slide introduces the following: U.S. Financial System Regulators, U.S. Financial System, Financial Regulatory Cycle, Purpose, Introduction.

Slide 5: This slide shows the four categories of financial management goals that we discussed.

Slide 6: This slide shows the four-step financial management cycle: resource allocation, operations and monitoring, evaluation and reporting, and planning and budgeting.

Slide 9: This is a financial instruments slide that shows a comparison of financial instruments between companies, debt obligations, entitlement issues and the types of financial instruments that we trade.

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Slide 10: This slide shows that the types of financial instruments we trade fall into three broad categories: derivatives, derivatives, and combinations.

Slide 12: This slide shows that loans fall into the following categories — security-based, indemnity-based, note-based, convertible.

Slide 13: This slide shows a comparison of financial instruments between companies. Use it for analytical or comparative purposes by adding it to the relevant text.

Financial Management For Small Business Ppt

Slide 14: This slide shows time value of money vs. bond value, time value of money method, time value of money parameter, etc.

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Slide 15: This slide shows the time value of money parameters – inflation, time period, future value, present value. Add and use relevant data.

Slide 16: Time value, cash flow, net future value, gross present value, and discount rate for this monetization method.

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Slide 21: This slide shows the comparative income statement, year-over-year, absolute change (increase or decrease) and compound ratio.

Slide 23: This slide shows the types of regular size statements such as regular size income statement, regular size income statement and regular size cash flow statement.

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Slide 28: This is also a trend analysis slide showing monthly sales per country.

Slide 30: This is a ratio analysis slide showing six ratios: liquidity ratio, payout ratio, profitability ratio, efficiency ratio, coverage ratio and market outlook ratio.

Slide 35: This slide shows the cash flow from operating activities that we discussed. You can change the data according to your business needs.

Financial Management For Small Business Ppt

Slide 36: This slide shows the two-pronged fixed asset analysis we lay out — project appraisal techniques and capital budgeting.

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No. 37: This is a capital budget proposal. Add your expense item name, year and percentage.

Slide 38: This slide presents techniques for program evaluation. These are return on investment (ROI), payback period method, net present value (NPV) and internal rate of return (IRR).

Slide 39: This slide shows these aspects of capital structure and dividend policy — cost of capital, capital structure, leverage analysis.

Slide 40: This slide shows the leverage analysis — operating leverage, portfolio name, total leverage, etc.

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Slide 41: This slide shows the following subheadings: Risk Structure, Risk, Return, Capital Structure, Ownership, Country Performance.

Slide 46: This slide covers inventory management using FIFO and LIFO, economic order quantities, inventory management tools and techniques, and inventory management templates.

Slide 48: This slide covers investment management tools such as economic order quantity, minimum order quantity, ABC analysis, FIFO and LIFO, lot tracking, discards, demand forecasting, consignment warehouses, perpetual inventory management, lean manufacturing systems and technology. Inventory management, safety stock counts, order formulas.

Financial Management For Small Business Ppt

Slide 51: This slide shows the following aspects of the commodity exchange – the structure of the commodity exchange, the commodity market in the United States, the basis of the commodity exchange, the commodity exchange.

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Slide 53: This slide shows a chart showing the fundamentals of commodity trading. Featured Items – Silver, Platinum, Copper, Gold.

Slide 56: This slide covers all aspects of capital risk management – Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), identification of financial risk, components of risk, comparative statements.

Slide 63: This slide shows the KPIs for financial management — gross margin, operating margin, net margin.

Slide 65: This is another slide of the financial management KPI, AR flow of accounts receivable flow, accounts payable target.

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Slide #67: This is also a financial management KPI dashboard slide showing gross margin, net margin, sales growth, burn rate, operating cash flow, working capital.

Slide 68: This is another financial management KPI dashboard slide showing Quick Ratio, Current Ratio, Financial Balance, Working Capital, Days Sales and Days Payable.

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Slide 72: This is called supplementary slides to advance slides. You can change the slideshow content as needed.

Financial Management For Small Business Ppt

Number 77: Thank you for this address # Street Number, City, State, Contact Number, Email Address.

The Importance Of Financial Management In Small Business

Have an intelligent argument with our financial management Powerpoint presentation slides. Use your persuasive brain to convince people. “Financial management is concerned with managerial decisions that lead to long- and short-term capital acquisitions and financing” – Filippato

3 Next Definition “Financial management is concerned with how a firm acquires capital and how it is used” – Hoagland “Financial management involves the application of the planning and controlling functions to the financial functions, and the application of the general management principles of financial management.” Special Financial Business” – Howard and Upton

4 The next definition is “Financial management is that branch of business management concerned with the wise use and careful selection of sources of funds.”

In short, it refers to the management activity or effort undertaken to manage finances properly. It includes financial planning, financial management and financial control.

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1. Profit Maximization:- A business company is a profit-seeking organization, so profit maximization is naturally one of the main objectives. The goal of profit maximization is that financial management must ensure that the company’s profits are maximized.

By increasing sales and increasing revenue. Reduce production costs through efficient use of resources. By choosing the right fund. by reducing risk

8 Arguments in favor of profits The primary motivation is to promote better and more efficient operations, thereby returning maximum profits to shareholders. Without these things, they have no room to compete. It plays an important role in business growth and acts as a hedge

Financial Management For Small Business Ppt

9 Continued… 2. Maximization of resources:- This is the main objective of financial management. In the long run, it means maximizing the company’s wealth.

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He considered the time value of money. This concept allows a company’s dividend policy to affect the market value of its stock. It also helps to maximize other goals of financial management.

11 Other Objectives:- To ensure maximum operational efficiency by planning, directing and controlling the use of funds. Enhancing organizational financial discipline in the use of financial resources. Reserves for capital expansion are adequate. Ensure a fair return on shareholder investment.

The scope of financial management is very broad. According to Dr. S. Saxena, the scope of financial management includes the following five “A’s”. Forecasting: Financial management forecasts the financial needs of a company. That is, he knows how much money he needs from the company.

13 Cont. 2. Acquisition: Raising capital for the company from different sources. 3. Appropriation: The funds are used to purchase fixed and current assets for the company. 4. Distribution: distribute the company’s profits to shareholders, debtors, etc., and withdraw part of the profits as a public reserve.

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14 continued… 5. Evaluation: Control everything

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