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Fast Break For Small Business

Fast Break For Small Business – NBA Hall of Famer Grant Hill visited the event to introduce the Fast Break for Small Business LegalZoom program, a multi-year $6 million initiative that will benefit minority-owned businesses with grant funding and legal services. The program provides Black, Latino, Asian, Female, Immigrant and LGBTQ+ owner-led SMEs with access to capital and expertise in legal, accounting and regulatory services from a network of experts. Hear how Grant’s family entrepreneurial history and business experience as co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks fueled her advocacy and her calls for women- and minority-owned businesses to pursue this new resource.

2:25 – LegalZoom’s $6 million partnership initiative for SMBs 3:30 – Family entrepreneurial origins 4:58 – Access to capital, professional network and legal/accounting resources 9:49 – Lessons from co-ownership of the Atlanta Hawks 11:45 – Athletics and Parallels between Business 13:10 – Grant’s Personal Role in Fast Break Networking, Connections 16:12 – “What if?” Business alternatives beyond athletics 18:12 – His mother’s business legacy 24:41 – Final pitch for a fast break for small business

Fast Break For Small Business

Fast Break For Small Business

Learn more about applying for the next round of Fast Break for Small Business grants by visiting and register to receive email notifications.

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We’ve worked with the NBA, WNBA and NBA G League to help communities by helping small businesses. LegalZoom has awarded $6 million in grants and services to help small business owners who need better access to funding and legal services. Our mission is to change the game for small business owners and remove barriers that minorities, women, immigrants and members of the LGBTQ+ community often face.

We are all committed to a multi-year commitment to Fast Break for Small Business. To tip this season, we’re accepting applications from small business owners across the country for a $10,000 grant and $500 in LegalZoom services. Here’s how we make an impact:

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Running a small business is not easy. It involves grit, sacrifice and a lot of hustle and bustle. Entrepreneurs need extraordinary drive to grow their business. And we want to help them achieve that. So in the end, nothing is clean.

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We help you start and grow a small business. Explore the following resources that new business owners commonly use:

Starting a business can be fun and tricky. We’ll guide you through the steps of forming an LLC or corporation or obtaining a DBA—and if you need additional help, our network of independent attorneys is here to help. Read again

Fast Break For Small Business

You make strategic and day-to-day decisions that affect the future of your business. Get help from an independent attorney licensed in your state so you are confident in how to proceed. Read again

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As you build your business, it’s important to protect your new brand by registering your trademark. An independent attorney from our network can help. Read again

Our community partner, Acion Opportunity Fund, manages the Small Business Fast Break application process. Grants are open to small businesses that are six months old or older. Select “Apply Now” to view the application, details and FAQs. And check back here and on social media for the latest updates. Do you want to win $10K for your business? LegalZoom is offering $10K grants and $500 in legal services to help thousands of small businesses in America. The deadline for this first round is November 23, 2021. Here’s how to register.

Fast Break for Small Business is a collaboration between LegalZoom, the NBA, WBNA and the NBA G League. Over the next few years, LegalZoom plans to distribute $6 million in grants and legal services to thousands of small businesses. They specifically want to help business owners, “who are facing obstacles, who they love or how they identify.”

In this first round, which ends on November 23, 2021, LegalZoom will award $10K to 50 small businesses and $500 in legal services to another 950 businesses. Recipients will be notified and awarded the prize in January 2022.

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This program is open to a wide range of small businesses, with some limitations. You can apply for this program:

Before you apply for any grant, it is important to know how to apply effectively to increase your chances of being selected. For the Fast Break Program for Small Business, you must collect the following:

To start the application, go to the program page and find the form to fill out about a quarter of a page. The first few questions confirm that you are eligible to apply.

Fast Break For Small Business

After you answer this short question, the fill-in box will expand to include more apps. There are many questions, but not all of them are mandatory. It is required for application.

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These questions (pictured below) will largely determine whether you are selected or not. This is your chance to share your story, passion and vision. The grant committee wants to know what sets you apart from other applicants. Read the effective ways to apply for the grant before finalizing.

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Would you like to help apply for this grant? Need more funding for your business? Our team of experts can help you navigate your funding options and help you apply for this grant. Use this link to get personalized 1 to 1 support from one of our team. You can also join the thousands of businesses that receive small business grant and loan updates every week.

Dan Ansaldodan is Head of Content for Skip and writes on topics including business, education, government, history and more. It is often said that more than half of new businesses fail within the first year. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), this is not necessarily true. According to data from the BLS, 20% of new businesses fail within the first two years, 45% within the first five years, and 65% within the first 10 years. Only 25% of new businesses survive 15 years or more. This statistic has not changed much over time and has remained fairly stable since the 1990s. Although the odds are better than popular belief, many businesses close each year in the United States.

According to the BLS, entrepreneurs started 843,320 new businesses in the year ending March 2021. Based on historical data, we can estimate that about 168,664 businesses failed in the first two years of these businesses. With proper planning, funding and flexibility, businesses have a better chance of success. We’ll cover some of the biggest mistakes startups make and explore ways to increase your chances of success.

Pro Tips For Running A Successful Business

So you’ve always wanted to open a real estate agency and eventually had the means to do so, but your desire to open an agency has blinded you to the fact that the economy is in a declining housing market and the area you want. Invest in your area. Working is saturated with agencies, so getting in is very difficult. This is an error that leads to failure from the start. You should find an opening or unmet need in the market and fill it rather than try and register your product or service. It is much easier to create a need and satisfy it than to convince people that they should pay for it.

A solid and realistic business plan is the foundation of a successful business. In the plan, you describe the achievable goals for your business, how your business can reach those goals, and possible problems and solutions. The plan finds out whether the business needs it through research and surveys; It determines the costs and inputs required by the business and it outlines the strategy and schedule to be implemented and fulfilled.

If you have a plan, you must follow it. If you start doubling your spending or changing strategy, you’re asking for failure.

Fast Break For Small Business

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