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Direct Marketing For Small Businesses

Direct Marketing For Small Businesses – Local businesses should not ignore the marketing potential of direct mail. Learn how to complement digital as your primary local marketing tool.

Digital marketing channels such as social media, email and websites are critical to most local marketers. While digital cannot be ignored, it is important not to forget the power of offline tools.

Direct Marketing For Small Businesses

Direct Marketing For Small Businesses

For those promoting local businesses, few tools are more powerful than direct mail marketing, especially when you consider USPS direct mail options designed specifically for local marketing.

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It’s no secret that the amount of time we spend online has become astronomical. According to Nielson data, in 2016, American adults spent an average of 10 hours and 39 minutes per day consuming media. And I’m willing to bet that number hasn’t dropped in the last two years!

With so much of our time spent on our phones and computers, you might be wondering why direct mail is worth considering. However, time spent online is what makes direct mail marketing so powerful.

Everywhere we go on the Internet, we are surrounded by marketing messages. Think about what’s happening in 2018 for a minute:

Because consumers can jump between so many platforms, it can be easy to lose your message in digital marketing territory.

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Think about how many emails you receive every day, especially if you look at your Gmail promotions folder. Just one look at the address and the email is in the virtual trash before it’s opened.

Email, on the other hand, gives your prospects and customers a tangible object to hold in their hands. This translates to a much higher open rate of 66% compared to the average email open rate of 21%.

I’m not saying we should ignore email marketing. According to Marketing Sherpa, 60% of customers like to receive regular brand updates via email. However, don’t forget that 54% of consumers prefer to receive marketing materials via the outdated level.

Direct Marketing For Small Businesses

Yes, it’s easy to measure the click-through rate on the emails you send, but direct mail response rates are significantly higher. Data from the Direct Marketing Association shows that the response rate for letters is 4.4%, and the response rate for e-mails is 0.12%. Maybe that’s why direct mail has such a big impact on sales. (After all, that’s what marketing is all about, right?)

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Direct mail can be more difficult to track; many consumers receive direct mail, such as catalogs, and then shop online or find more information. However, it’s hard to ignore the fact that 62% of customers who responded to direct mail made a purchase.

Direct mail is most powerful when part of a multi-channel sales marketing campaign. Instead of running a stand-alone ad campaign, combine it with activities on other channels. Sales, purchases and market share are proven to increase when you add direct mail to your existing campaign.

Direct mail can get results, but let’s look at the pros and cons of implementing this strategy.

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Direct mail is a strategy that works for B2C or B2B marketers. However, like any marketing strategy, there are downsides to keep in mind.

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We touched on the fact that direct mail is harder to measure. Although you can provide a custom URL to track campaign results, consumers may choose to search for your business on Google instead of typing in the URL.

Direct mail is more expensive than many digital marketing activities. While you can promote for free with social media marketing or use free email marketing software, at least you’ll be paying for direct mail printing and shipping costs.

It is also a strategy that takes time. In email marketing, you can send to thousands of contacts with the click of a button. When it comes to direct mail, your postcard, envelope or package must physically travel to your customer’s hands.

Direct Marketing For Small Businesses

Even if you send only one piece of paper in an envelope, you must complete the process of stuffing, stamping, and sealing the envelopes. Then, after the item is physically mailed, it takes time to reach the customer’s final destination. This means direct mail can’t wait until the last minute, especially if you have a special print job.

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However, the above statistics that show the advantages of direct mail cannot be ignored. Before you let the time and cost scare you, consider the direct mail options available to you and their potential profits.

If you’re sending a direct mail campaign, the same basic marketing rules apply. You need to know your goals and how you will measure success. Even if you can’t do automated A/B testing, you can run a test. If you are sending 3,000 postcards, print them first and send only 200. Measure the results and make the necessary adjustments before paying for the remaining 2,800 pages to be printed.

Types of direct mail you can send include coupons, advertisements, product samples, catalogs, gift cards, customer gifts, and promotional products such as headphones, phone accessories, magnets, toys, or even electronics.

Sending physical mail, like swagyo given out at events, is another direct mail option that can have a big impact. Ordinary people can’t help but open the large box or package they receive in the mail. Keri Lindenmuth, marketing manager at Kyle David Group (KDG), has found direct mail to be successful. He combined direct mail with social media for the ultimate win.

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KDG is a company specializing in web design, software development and other IT business solutions. Here’s how Keri sent tangible items and took an integrated approach between direct mail and social media to drive local business results:

“Our company recently started using direct mail with great success. Everyone loves getting a gift or surprise in the mail, so we’re always happy to include company swag in our mailing campaigns whenever possible.

One campaign we are working on is a social media/direct mail campaign for local businesses. We send these businesses a box and another treat, along with a card to let them know how much local businesses mean. Then we call them out on social media with a photo of the gift.

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Direct Marketing For Small Businesses

The social media aspects of the KDG campaign include weekly posts with a photo of the gift box and the message: “This week’s social media shout out and the gift box goes to the Bethlehem store [insert company name]. Thanks for all you do! #LovetheLehighValley”

The Benefits Of Direct Marketing

This type of direct mail costs more and is best reserved for a small number of highly targeted customers. Any items you ship that are not flat will be shipped higher.

Consider your local pet care company, Leash on Life. Combining event marketing and direct mail strategies, the company sent 500 postcards to promote the “Loving Care Pet Fair.”

Sending 500 postcards brought the company 130 event attendees and $4,000 in revenue – results any small business can appreciate!

Coupons are another flat email that increases brand awareness and purchases. 90% of Millennials use coupons to plan their shopping list, and 57% of shoppers shop at businesses they’ve never used before to redeem a coupon.

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If you’re sending a coupon, consider sending it in postcard format to take advantage of Every Door Direct Mail, the service offered by the Post Office we’re talking about.

Here we focus on a service offered by the Post Office that is ideal for local businesses. If you send regular mail such as postcards, newsletters or menus, consider using Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM).

EDDM allows businesses to send flat letters to every household along the postal route. Think of it as the cold calling version of direct email; everyone will receive the letter, whether they are customers or not.

Direct Marketing For Small Businesses

You can narrow down and reach recipients by age, income, or family size, but no other targeting is available. You can select only consumers or businesses and consumers as recipients. Unfortunately, B2B companies can’t just send EDDM to companies.

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EDDM is an effective way to increase brand awareness, especially for those without a database. Individual names and addresses are not written on postcards or envelopes; instead, the label reads “postal customer”, “customer address” or “PO box holder”. Direct mail is a cost-effective option starting at $0.178 for weights 3.3 ounces or less.

Although the concept is difficult to implement, some guidelines must be followed. For example, the letter must meet certain dimensions and there are labeling requirements and forms to be completed; It can be difficult to understand the language on the Post’s website.

Fortunately, there are many companies ready and willing to help. Although this adds to your costs, these companies know how to navigate the maze of bureaucracy that goes in and out of the post office.

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