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Design Packages For Small Business

Design Packages For Small Business – Over the years of running my design studio, I’ve worked with dozens of small business owners on their visual branding.

I am honored to work closely with mission-driven small businesses and create thoughtful and inspiring visual brand identities for them that elevate their branding and marketing. The important work we do together leads my clients to make deeper connections with their target audiences, feel confident sharing what they do with the world, and ultimately achieve their business goals. It is an absolute pleasure and privilege to do what I do.

Design Packages For Small Business

Design Packages For Small Business

One of my favorite parts as a brand designer: Providing my clients with a personal, collaborative, enjoyable user experience.

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It’s all about the journey. It gives me great joy to invite my clients into the creative process and work together to develop a visual identity that is not only beautiful and professional, but also in line with their values, mission and business goals. That’s where the magic happens.

While my overall approach to branding and focus on customer experience has been consistent since the early years of my business, my offering has changed and evolved over time (like many entrepreneurs!).

Since starting my design studio in 2012, I’ve experimented with offering one-off logo designs (a long time ago!), multi-level branding package options, and even full web design services. These offers were not “wrong” in any way. I learned a lot and developed new skills that still serve me today. I have grown a lot as a designer and business owner working in these different capacities. And I know I’ve done great design work for my clients that resonated with them and helped their business grow.

For several years I offered a small brand package that was useful for clients on a budget who just wanted to set up the basics of a brand to get started. This includes the logo, logo variations, watermarks, color palettes and font systems.

Your Brand Package Includes A New Custom Logo Design And More!

But after some time and many projects under my belt, I started to notice some trends. Most of the clients who came to me for smaller packages of my brand fell into one of two camps.

And the full library of design elements they have – including not just a set of logos, but also textures, patterns, badges, taglines and more, as well as branded marketing materials and graphics used every day. The branding work we did together served them well for years to come, helping them achieve the perfect balance of adaptability AND consistency + cohesiveness in their marketing.

It takes more than a logo and a beautiful color palette to create a cohesive and memorable brand experience. I’ve known this for years, but now I’ve helped my clients understand it too, and it’s been a really important aspect of what I do. After all…

Design Packages For Small Business

Having a comprehensive and well-designed visual brand identity can transform your marketing and have a huge impact on the credibility of your business, your connection with your audience and ultimately, your business growth.

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Complete Branding & Website Design Packages For Small Business

So with all these elements in mind, I knew I had to change my offerings.

My Signature Branding Package is a one-on-one branding experience perfect for mission-driven businesses ready to invest in a brand new visual identity that speaks to them and their audience in a meaningful way and illuminates their value

Above all, when we work together, you’ll leave feeling empowered, confident, and excited to share your beautiful business and brand with the world. Your brand will be felt more than ever before.

Branding means knowing what connects with your target audience, authentically speaking to who they are, and truly earning their trust and loyalty. That’s why my visual branding process is designed to not only create a beautiful visual identity, but also help you clarify your brand vision and strengthen your brand foundation, for a more holistic, heart-centered approach to branding.

Small Business Website Design Packages

We start by digging into the foundations of your brand! I’ll ask you to complete my Branding Workbook before we begin, which includes questions and exercises to help you clarify your mission and goals, values, audience, market, and brand personality. a. This will help ensure that we create from a place of strategy, meaning and alignment. Then we’ll move on to a Brand Clarity call to kick things off, talk about this (fun!) client assignment, and talk about your goals and vision.

Shortly after, I’ll send you a quick creative summary of where we’re headed, including an inspiration board that represents our visual direction.

With a focused visual direction and lots of excitement and energy, we start drawing! I will sketch, research, design and send you a presentation of the original logo + style concept of the chosen brand, including high marks, patterns, textures and other design elements that will add depth to your visual style. After we’ve chosen a route, we’ll refine if necessary, and then I’ll refine and polish everything (think about letter spacing, balance, and all that good stuff) before finalizing.

Design Packages For Small Business

The end result will be a thoughtful and cohesive visual identity that speaks authentically to who you are

Creative Small Business Branding & Custom Logo Design

Connect with your audience. You will also receive a Brand Guide to help you and your team maintain consistency as you move forward and implement your new visual brand across your marketing platforms.

After we finalize your branding style, we continue to make things happen and work together to design three curated pieces of marketing collateral that perfectly match your needs. Imagine business cards, stationery, social media graphics and templates, stickers, flyers or postcards… completely customized to you and your brand. I’ll even help coordinate print order submissions, if needed!

The goal is cohesiveness and consistency – your brand deserves attention to detail to ensure it’s beautifully and well represented on every buyer/shopper.

After we’ve completed your branding and custom marketing materials, I’ll package up all of your brand files, brand guide documents, and marketing pieces and send them to you at a convenient download link.

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Subscription Box Packaging: The Design Guide

KDL Enterprises is a family-owned, women-owned building materials company in the Pacific Northwest that manufactures fence systems and skylights. They are committed to creating a safe and inspiring environment that adds value to their customers’ homes and lives. KDL takes a unique approach and delivers a personal, tailored, customized experience that results in a beautiful and intentional final product that meets the client’s needs, site specifications and budget. They do things differently… different, but better!

We focused on a mix of classic + modern, clean + comfortable, calm + confidence with a touch of playfulness. We honor KDL’s PNV geographic location with an open-air atmosphere and handcrafted, vintage style that speaks to their longevity as a family-owned company. The color palette, typography and round stamps are a direct reflection of this vision. The textures are carefully selected to represent the space that KDL helps create and what customers will experience when they experience the products. Branding the house, using ribbons and other small elements and details add interest and make this brand unique and memorable.

Every business has unique marketing needs. I love hearing about your ideas for additional brand assets beyond what’s included in your package (I’m here to help and brainstorm!). We can either add these designs to your package (time permitting) OR we can schedule a time to complete additional designs after we wrap your branding.

Design Packages For Small Business

Either way, you can count on me as a member of your team and call me when additional design needs arise! I am here to support you every step of the way in implementing your visual brand in all your communications and marketing.

Business Tips For Small Business Owners Success

My ultimate goal is to have all elements of your branding and marketing materials aligned with the exact needs of your business.

Allison is an absolute pleasure to work with! From the moment I found him, I knew he was the designer for me. It’s personal and fun, relatable and real. He also happens to be an incredibly talented creative who pours his heart into his projects. His fully collaborative process created an end result that was exactly what I wanted but could never quite articulate. He is both a detective and a masterful (tall) man; every detail has been carefully discovered, carefully considered, perfected and perfected. I am amazed at his attention to my vision. I am very proud of our new brand and very happy to have found this extraordinary person. He is truly my designer for life. Have you always wanted to start your own business? You’ve come to the right place, this is your one-stop guide to starting a business.

Your logo design is undoubtedly the most important part of your branding. It forms the basis for 80% of the first impression of your business, whether it is on social media, website, business card or elsewhere. There are many things to consider when creating your logo, dictating how your business will reach potential customers – and some of them will form the basis.

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