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Deluxe Small Business Sales

Deluxe Small Business Sales – Deluxe is best known for its paper checks, but the company has evolved to offer cloud power and SMB payment tools.

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Deluxe Small Business Sales

Deluxe Small Business Sales

Deluxe, known as the maker of paper checks, has launched a digital HR platform for small and medium-sized businesses to integrate payroll, hiring, onboarding and time tracking.

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HR Solutions on the Deluxe People platform was soft launched in the first quarter and is now widely available. Deluxe also said it will bring HR and payroll tools for small businesses to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. On the surface, the launch of Deluxe shows how the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digitization of SMBs. However, if you zoom out, there is a digital transformation story and more than 2 years of work.

I’ve been tracking Deluxe for a few months now because it highlights how a company symbolized by paper-based processes (checks and check clearing) can go digital and expand into new markets. HR Solutions is a payment on the Deluxe People Platform, Inc. The product is focused on collaboration and digital transformation.

Including the $960 million purchase of First American Payment Systems, a deal that closed June 1, Deluxe has quickly revamped its business. Deluxe payments now account for 29% of the company’s revenue. Deluxe CEO Barry McCarthy said the first US acquisition was a big step in becoming a “trusted payments and business technology company”.

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McCarthy added that Deluxe will take First American and expand into government, non-profit and retail verticals to increase its SMB customer base.

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In announcing the first American deal, Deluxe noted that its digital transformation had already set the stage for the acquisition. Deluxe has built a technology platform that can integrate supply, sales organizations to cross-sell portfolios, and the ability to build products.

Although the launch of the HR product and the First Step in the Americas are two big moves, they are only possible because of the digital transformation plan laid out earlier.

McCarthy’s CEO Deluxe plan is called One Deluxe. In short, One Deluxe aims to transition the company from a roll-up of acquisitions to an enterprise focused on product creation, organic growth and more strategic acquisitions.

Deluxe Small Business Sales

Over the past two years, Deluxe has made a concerted effort to break down its business warehouses and become a customer- and product-focused company.

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In the first quarter, Deluxe was able to close 1,600 deals selling its software as a service and cloud platforms as well as payments, promotions and land businesses for its core checking business. Financial results are still ongoing. Deluxe reported first-quarter sales of $441.3 million, down 9.3% from a year ago, on net income of $24.3 million, or 57 cents a share. The company expects 2021 sales to be 2%.

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Our transformation into a trusted sales-driven payments and business technology company is delivering results and will be accelerated with the addition of First American. Our One Deluxe policy is clearly working and our implementation is strong. It is a true new deluxe, payments and trusted business technology company.

We see small businesses continuing or accelerating the reordering of value products. We mention this in our advanced products business. Our business, which is business essentials, is a good indicator of what is happening in the market because people and businesses use them in their normal business operations. And we’ve seen a very healthy rebound there. We’ve seen good growth in our incorporation services used by new businesses, our web-based and cloud-based corporation services to help businesses incorporate. We think small businesses continue to build, and we’re especially happy to see small businesses recover as well.

Wall Street is modeling Deluxe to report 2021 sales of $1.86 billion, followed by $1.96 billion in 2022. Deluxe shares have recovered from $18.90 a share to $44.33 in the past year, but are down from around $80 in 2018 .

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