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Columbia Small Business Consulting Program

Columbia Small Business Consulting Program – IU Kelly | Mr. Senior Financial ManagerGRE 336, GPA 4.1 Harvard | Mr. GMAT 700 International Analyst, GPA 3.96 Stanford GSB | Mr. WhiteboardGMAT 740, GPA 3.9 Columbia | Mrs. Consultant for Family BusinessGMAT 730, GPA 3.94/4 Harvard | Mr. AIGMAT 700 Product Manager, GPA 8.27 UCLA Anderson | Mr. Biotech NerdGMAT 760, GPA 3.3 Yale | Mr. Skin KRGMAT 740, GPA 7.01/10 Cambridge Judge Business School | Mr. RailGMAT 690, GPA 4 Stanford GSB | Mrs. Data Science Mentor & SpeakerGRE 331, GPA 3.4 Harvard | Education GMAT 680, GPA 3.0 Insight | Mr. Changing the life of a gig worker GMAT 680, GPA 3.2 Columbia | Ms. Latina Sales ManagerGMAT 710, GPA 3.6 Stanford GSB | Mr. Founder AI GMAT 770, GPA 3.0 Kellogg | Mr. LoveGRE 308 Data Analysis, GPA 3.38 Harvard | Ms. All-RounderGRE 320, GPA 7.85/10

You can credit that gem to George S. Patton. A great American general, Patton competed in the Olympics as a pentathlete and suffered from dyslexia. He had to repeat a grade at West Point after failing his math test.

Columbia Small Business Consulting Program

Columbia Small Business Consulting Program

Unfortunately, Patton realized something fundamental: non-traditional backgrounds add to any experience. This is especially true in business school. Dismiss outsiders at your peril. They dig deep, ask tough questions and don’t take no for an answer. Did you tour with them?

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Or if the gun victims have a healthy upbringing, they already know how to control discipline. Of course, they have a big learning curve ahead of them. In fact, they get into business school because they welcome change—and they have something to prove. With that in mind, their success rate is high.

You wouldn’t expect Columbia Business School to be a haven for non-traditional students. After all, it has a reputation as one of the best finance programs in the world – a feeder to Wall Street with great programs in marketing, real estate, international business and startup management. The program bills itself as “marrying management fundamentals with data science and analytics,” and has more than 200 faculty and full-time faculty whose expertise ranges from media and technology to family business to valuing on investment. And General Patton will be pleased to know that CBS is a popular destination for veterans. And don’t forget the school’s location in New York City – a destination for dreamers and immigrants looking to change their lives.

Melanie D’Mello Genin is one of the students studying at Columbia Business School. D’Mello Genin is from France and describes herself as “a harpist and classical producer with a great interest in high-speed technologies, music and women’s power.” Trained at Juilliard and the Paris Conservatoire, he has already recorded on the Netflix soundtrack.

. Her path was not easy, she writes. Instead of following a traditional band path, this first-generation student worked as a soloist, chamber musician and artistic director in a “male-dominated field.” D’Mello Génin chose CBS because it specifically caters to students like him.

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“CBS has a solid track record of recruiting great arts professionals and helping them into successful careers at top consulting, VC and media firms,” ​​he writes. “Turning your MBA into a major work is a big boost for people with non-traditional backgrounds. We have a lot of entrepreneurial and soft skills, but people usually don’t know what to do with us. It takes a lot of translation work and credit. It’s it is a great advantage that you have a school that respects you and your talents and knows how to walk with you on this journey.

D’Mello Génin is not the only resident artist in the CBS Class of 2023. Dana M. Lerner was nominated for a Tony Award as a Broadway producer.

D. At the same time, he runs Red Pelican Creative, a social media agency that caters to the arts and entertainment industries. Like D’Mello Genin, she followed an unusual path, balancing artistic considerations with running a boutique in the middle of a pandemic. However, Lerner sees opportunity amidst the onslaught, which is why he chose to pursue his MBA.

Columbia Small Business Consulting Program

“If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that the entertainment industry and the technology industry are intertwined,” he observes. “We’ve seen an increase in streaming, digital releases and different types of virtual content created during the pandemic. I hope that trend continues, and Columbia’s media and technology program has been an amazing opportunity for me to dive in​​​​ to this ever-growing world. With a wealth of resources and a tight-knit community of professionals eager to learn from each other, we can better understand the relationship between the two professions and push both into the future.

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Non-athletes fit the bill in traditional backgrounds. On CBS, you can find Alex Garvoski. An engineer by trade, he jokes that he has “circled the earth about three times”. She competed for the US rowing team in the 2016 and 2020 Olympics. Like Lerner, Karovsky’s hand was inevitably affected by Covid. In his case, he pushed him to make the most of his skills before “taking on a new adventure.”

“When the Olympics were canceled in March 2020, I quickly realized that I wasn’t ready to “end my rowing career without seeing it full circle. 2021. The pandemic gave me a new perspective on reference – Not something I want to do now, but something I have to see through. avoid situations that put me in the mindset of ‘should’ rather than ‘should’.

Sidney Wade also started as an athlete. In high school, he set his high school track and field records in the 400 meters and the 4×400 relay. Since his athletic days, he has transitioned to the front office as Corporate Communications Manager for the Miami Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium. Kilian Coffey is still involved in athletics as a field hockey referee – officiating over 100 games. While Coffey’s academic background—economics and international development—fits the traditional profile of an MBA, his interests extend beyond his role as an analyst at the World Bank. For one, he organized the World Bank Group Youth Conference last year.

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“Almost 40,000 young people (18-35) from 150+ countries attended,” he explains. “We worked hard to provide an interactive, cross-cultural experience that leads to solutions and concrete connections. Latin America. Here, 400 to 1,000 local youth come together to engage with policy makers, development practitioners and each other on topics ranging from ocean plastic to democracy. Building and managing a global, non-face-face team to bring this series Together events have been one of the most challenging and at the same time most rewarding experiences in my career.

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You might not expect Sidney McNeil to be roaming the halls of Facebook a few years ago. After all, it is not technical or skilled. Instead, he completed a bachelor’s degree in Islamic civilizations and societies. Moreover, his first task was to “reintegrate” accused persons into Moroccan society. Finally, he worked as a high-value account manager at a social media company. Now, she hopes to combine her MBA tools and liberal arts background to “break new ground for women of color in business.”

“My biggest accomplishment was working in financial analytics with a liberal arts degree,” he admits. “I needed a lot of work and time to keep up with my peers who were studying finance as undergraduates, and I’m very proud that I was able to succeed in that role. challenge ahead.”

Tori Bell also beat the odds to land at an Ivy League school. Raised a “country girl” in Kansas, she attended Agnes Scott College in Georgia, a private women’s liberal arts college with 1,000 students. Like McNeil, Bell found a career path at Facebook, working as a community project manager. Here, she created Black Women on Facebook, where she built 2,000 members.

Columbia Small Business Consulting Program

“As company leaders, one of the many issues we’ve seen among black women in tech is that we’ve struggled to find equality and leadership in our careers,” she writes. Knowing this information, I implemented a career coaching program that matched our members with an outside career coach, putting strong evidence behind this very real issue. Although career programs are rich, I very proud that every black woman who joins Facebook is a community and a safe place.

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That wasn’t the only difference Bell made. “I [also] started my own company

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