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Carol Roth The War On Small Business

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Carol Roth gives you a preview of her upcoming book, The War on Small Business (now available for pre-order) and why the challenges to economic freedom go beyond just the backbone of the economy. While the COVID pandemic has given the government an opportunity to attack small businesses and consolidate power, the groundwork has been decades in the making. Carol talks about everything from the transfer of wealth from the Federal Reserve to the export of capitalism to China in exchange for more central planning in the United States and why it threatens our individual rights and economy.

Carol Roth The War On Small Business

Carol Roth The War On Small Business

The Battle for Small Business is available for pre-order everywhere if you haven’t already. See more information here.

The Michael Calderin Show (podcast)

Subscribe to The Roth Effect with Carol Roth on Apple Podcasts (and leave a 5-star review, please!), or via the RSS feed. For all our podcasts in one place, subscribe to the Audio Network Superfeed and Apple Podcasts or via the RSS feed. A fate that has befallen many other small business owners. Those who didn’t get a proverbial golden ticket (or maybe, ticket to COVID?) are drunk to survive. Now, many small businesses across industries and geographies are moving into pre-Covid debt obligations with insufficient business cash flow to service them, with many loans personally guaranteed by the entrepreneur.

Other small businesses are fighting for their lives and must compete with increased government unemployment benefits on top of traditional unemployment. Hundreds of thousands of small businesses, if not more, were confirmed to close for good.

What may not be clear is that small businesses are under attack, and they were well ahead of the subsequent COVID mandates and policies. This should concern all small business owners.

Being a small business means going to market with some disadvantages (access to capital, scale and so on) but also advantages (to offer personalized customer service and generate loyalty, for example) . This is all well and good unless there is further interference to tilt the playing field in favor of a handful of bigger players. Unfortunately, this is what small businesses have to endure at an accelerating pace.

Carol Roth: Our Government’s Plan To Make America Socialist Is Working

From tax breaks and holidays, license conditions and competition legislation, more and more of the burden is shifting to small businesses, making it harder to start up and compete as a smaller player. Of course, the ante has been raised significantly in the past year, when many smaller players were forced to close while other larger businesses were not. Small businesses have never been adequately compensated for this requirement. The PPP was terrible compared to the Great Recession bailouts and other handouts from the CARES Act and continued “Covid relief.”

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While large companies are considered too big to fail, small businesses are always too small to matter. Politicians don’t care about small businesses

With almost half the economy in the workforce, why would anyone do that? Whether you believe it’s intentional or not doesn’t make much difference; what it does is that small businesses don’t help influence politicians. It’s easier to deal with a few thousand large companies in a series of “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” arrangements than it is to do so with millions of small, diverse and fiercely independent companies. So government gets bigger, big business gets bigger, and small business owners take more risk trying to compete.

Carol Roth The War On Small Business

While we’ve seen this time and time again, with benefits coming to big business at the expense of small businesses, everything from government legislation to the actions of the Federal Reserve to the United States’ relationship with China last year made it open. IPOs saw a record year and seven tech companies gained $3.4 trillion in value, while a large portion of the small business community died and even more are on life support.

Let’s Be Brutally Honest About One Cause Of Our Supply Chain Worker Shortage: The War On Small Business

There is more to come; Proposals are floating around, ranging from raising the federal minimum wage to the PRO Act, to raising all kinds of corporate tax rates that disproportionately affect the ability of small businesses to compete in the marketplace.

Small business allows economic freedom. It allows anyone with an idea, regardless of background, to pursue their goals, be they financial, innovative, flexible or otherwise motivated. While we pursue entrepreneurship because we want our independence, we know that not advocating for it for others compromises our opportunity as well as the best economic “system” ever created.

Help stop the war on small business. The backbone of the economy and economic freedom depend on it.

Carol Roth is the author of The War on Small Business, out now, and a small business advocate and entrepreneur.

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Carol Roth is a content creator, “recovery” investment banker, author of The War on Small Business, entrepreneur, TV pundit and host, and

She has worked in a variety of capacities across industry, including currently as an external CCO, as a director on the boards of public and private companies, and as a strategic advisor. It protects small business, small government and big hair.

Carol Roth The War On Small Business

Carol Roth’s experience spans content creation, on-camera and personal hosting, finance, business, economics, pop culture and even comedy.

Carol Roth: The War On Small Business (& Why A Debt Reckoning Will Happen Sooner Than Many Realize.)

On the content side, Carol is a national media personality with more than a dozen years of on-camera expertise. Previously, she was a judge on the Mark Burnett-produced tech competition series America’s Greatest Makers on TBS and host of the Microsoft Office Small Business Academy, as well as a panelist on Fox Business’ Bulls & Bears and CNBC’s Closing Bell.

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I know sometimes it seems like people who do wrong things are constantly rewarded for their bad behavior. Does that mean you?

Frank Larkin is a former Navy SEAL and so was his son Ryan, who died by suicide in 2017. As part of his commitment to

Today I’m joined by two special guests who are also involved in the movement to live your best life, your way. Jen Smith and JillAmerica’s Greatest Projects, Bulls & Bears, Cavuto Coast to Coast, Varney & Co, Piers Morgan Tonight, Closing Bell, MSNBC’s Your Business

Ep 177: Financial Survival With Carol Roth

Carol Roth (born 1973) is an American television personality, best-selling author, entrepreneur, radio host, and investor. Roth appears regularly on national cable television networks including Fox Business, CNBC, CNN, Fox News and MSNBC.

She was one of the judges on Mark Burnett’s America’s Greatest Makers TV show and is a weekly panelist on Currt Evts and the Bulls & Bears business show.

She was WGN Radio’s midday talk show host and author of the New York Times bestseller, The Triple Equation.

Carol Roth The War On Small Business

As a self-employed “recovered” investment banker, she has completed more than $2 billion in capital raising, mergers and acquisitions and related transactions and has invested in private companies.

The Roth Effect With Carol Roth Podcast

Roth was born in the northern suburbs of Chicago, Illinois and attended Deerfield High School. Her father Bernie was a retired electrician (died May 2013).

Her parents divorced when she was in high school and her mother Sheri died of leukemia in 1998.

As her stepmother from lung cancer in 2004. She attended the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, graduating with honors in 1995.

Roth is an advocate for entrepreneurship and small business. She was named a Top 100 Small Business Influencer by Small Biz Trds in 2011 and again in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

The Entrepreneur Equation In Paperback By Carol Roth

A number of her television segments and writings relate to small business, and she was a moderator for the New York Times Small Business Summit in 2012.

Roth is also a business consultant, investor and director. She has served on the board of a public company and currently sits on the board of a private technology company.

Roth launched an estate and planning product called Future File as a direct result of her father’s death.

Carol Roth The War On Small Business

Roth joined San Francisco-based investment bank Montgomery Securities in 1995 as a financial analyst and member of the consumer corporate finance team. She became an officer of the company at the age of 25.

The War On Small Business

Roth published her first book, The Treble Equation, in 2010.

Initially, there was controversy with buyers about the book cover, which features a photo of her, but she persisted

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