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Camden County Small Business Grants

Camden County Small Business Grants – Capitol Hill’s top negotiators have struck a deal on a new COVID-19 economic relief package, finally delivering long-overdue aid to businesses and individuals and funding the delivery of vaccines to a nation desperate for them.(Dec. 21)

Small business owners in Camden County can apply for up to $10,000 in federal American Recovery Plan Act funds, the county announced Thursday.

Camden County Small Business Grants

Camden County Small Business Grants

The Camden County Small Business Recovery Grant Program, which began Thursday, aims to help businesses struggling and struggling with the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Based on the businesses’ gross revenue for 2019, the grant increases, depending on how much that revenue is, from $2,500 for businesses with less than $25,000 in revenue to $10,000 for businesses with 2019 revenue between $50,000. and $100,000.

Applications will be accepted until all funds are available, and funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Preference will be given to businesses that have not previously received federal aid.

Businesses in the banking, finance and e-commerce industries are not eligible. No franchises even with local owner/operators. Businesses that sell or serve adult-only products, such as vape shops and liquor stores, are also ineligible.

Commissioner Lou Cappelli said the county has awarded nearly $30 million in federal Recovery Act funds to more than 300 small businesses and nonprofits.

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“But even then, supplemental financing businesses suffer from lost revenue for more than half a year and only a fraction of the normal operating cycle,” Cappelli said. “We know this funding is needed, we know this epidemic is ongoing. To protect the downtowns we know and love, the cost cannot be diverted to development. This grant program is another lifeline for local business owners. It will provide and protect jobs.”

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The funds can be used to cover operating expenses, payroll and expenses associated with protecting the businesses of employees and customers, the U.S. representative said. Donald Norcross noted.

“Although businesses are reopening, brick-and-mortar stores and restaurants are taking a deeper hit than last year as foot traffic is nowhere near pre-pandemic levels and unemployment remains high,” said Cristinarena, president and CEO of the Jersey Chamber of Commerce.

Camden County Small Business Grants

Haddonfield Mayor Colin Bianco Bezic noted the importance of small business to the health of cities and counties in the region.

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Although they are adapting, he said: “It’s not business as usual, and it hasn’t been for many business owners since Covid started.”

“This funding is critical to the needs of our downtown and business corridor in Haddonfield. They allowed business owners to pay off debt, buy (personal protective equipment), repair outdoor areas to accommodate patrons. In a word, this type of programs keeps the heart of our business community bleeding.”

“Small businesses are facing their biggest challenges since the Great Recession, including huge disparities in minority and women-owned business communities,” said Nichelle Pace of the Camden Business Association.

Yolanda Deaver, owner of Prissy Chic Salon in Camden City, highlighted the immediate impact this support has had on her business.

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“Big companies can survive a long recession, but small businesses like mine can’t,” said Camden beauty salon owner Yolanda Deaver, “which levels the playing field for entrepreneurs like me.”

“We’ve had to limit the number of customers we see in a day and people are still afraid to go out and get sick. This funding could be the difference between my business staying open or not.”

Phaedra Trethan has been a reporter and editor in South Jersey since 2007 and has covered Camden and the surrounding area since 2015, focusing on quality of life and social justice issues for the Courier-Post, Burlington County Times and The Daily Journal. He has called South Jersey home since 1971. Contact [email protected], Twitter @By_Phaedra or 856.486-2417 with feedback, news tips or questions. CAMDENTON, Mo. Contact him by phone () Small businesses like the unique A-Talk coffee shop in Camdenton Square have had a hard time during the pandemic.

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Camden County Small Business Grants

“It was very difficult at first,” said owner Rick Stowe. “We were only allowed one person in at a time, people were waiting outside, we were losing customers here and there.”

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“We had to put up barriers between the customers and the Plexiglas was lined up all over here,” said Carrie Stowe. “Also, we had to disinfect every surface, so we had to buy special sanitizing tablets for that.”

All this costs money. For a small business losing customers, this is sometimes the money they have. That’s why the Camden County Commission and three local chambers of commerce want to help.

“Camden County received $5.4 million in CARES funding. Several counties in Missouri have been able to change that and provide grants to businesses impacted by COVID-19,” said Trish Krech of the Camdenton Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber of Commerce starts accepting applications from September 1 to 30. About $540,000 is available for this first round of small business grant money.

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A board of directors made up of representatives from all three Lake District chambers of commerce and the county commission will award grant money to businesses as applications begin to come in.

“Small businesses often feel like we don’t have a voice, so if they’re speaking for us, that’s awesome,” Kerry Stowe said.

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