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Bristol Borough Small Business Revolution

Bristol Borough Small Business Revolution – A big part of my family is the small town of Bristol. My grandparents grew up there and 83 years later still live in Bristol; My mom and her siblings were born and raised on Dorrance Street and my cousins ​​own Mignoni Jewelry on Mill Street.

My parents and I even lived with my grandparents for a year during my childhood. During this time, weekly trips to the Grundy Library with old pop or “pop” and Sunday Mass at St. Anne was a no-brainer.

Bristol Borough Small Business Revolution

Bristol Borough Small Business Revolution

So when I heard that Bristol was in the running to win $500,000 in the National Small Business Revolution competition, I was very excited. But I also questioned whether people would even consider Bristol for all its hidden potential.

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But, as Bristol drew nearer and nearer to the top prize, I became quite hopeless; It felt like Bristol could get the recognition it deserved.

There was a lot of excitement in the days leading up to the announcement of the winner on February 22. Every day I made it a point to vote for every electronic device I owned. I also asked all my friends to vote and posted the voting link on each of my social media accounts. I tried everything I could to help Bristol win half a million dollars.

At 2:00 p.m. On February 22, the results were broadcast. I couldn’t believe it when my mother told me that Bristol had won. Everyone, myself included, could breathe a sigh of relief from these happy results!

I felt immense pride in this wonderful community. Bristol was a true underdog heading into the small business revolution, and it fared much better, all thanks to its passionate residents.

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I went to Bristol a few days after his big win and felt the excitement that ran through the streets as the sun shone on the city with the new national champions.

Change is indeed in the air for Bristol and it is about time because Bristol is undoubtedly America’s hidden secret. It could be a photo finish as Bristol Borough and its top contenders go neck-and-neck in the Small Business Revolution competition. Win $500,000 in marketing services and more.

“The leader changes back and forth by the hour,” said Bill Pezza, chairman of the Raise the Bar Mayors Group, which led the local effort to bring home the top prize in the nation’s best town competition. . .

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Bristol Borough Small Business Revolution

Bristol has led the way since the competition began on February 9, but four other cities across the country who are finalists are coming off strong finishes. Pezza is asking everyone in the area to continue voting for Bristol until the end of the competition, which was due to finish at 9pm on Thursday, but has been extended by another three hours until midnight.

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Voting is at Each person can vote once each day until 12:00 on Friday in any browser on any electronic device.

Contest sponsor Deluxe Corp. Spokesman Cameron Potts said 530,000 votes had been cast as of 6 p.m. Wednesday and all five cities have a chance to win. Last year, Wabash, Indiana, trailed by about 8,000 votes for most of the race, but won by 10,000, he said.

This is what Pezza fears for Bristol this year, he doesn’t want anyone to stop voting now. He asks everyone to get everyone they know to agree to put the city first.

Pezza and Potts said if voters find a polling place is down because of all the people trying to use it, try again.

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“People just have to try. It’s like getting a busy signal on their phones,” said Potts.

Bristol received help from its neighbors and those far away, in whose hearts the city holds a special place. Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick spoke on the floor of the Capitol in Washington on Wednesday about “Beautiful Bristol” and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, whose wife Frances will visit Bristol Borough on Thursday to discuss education funding at the Radcliffe Learning Center. Video that pushes the city to victory.

Chris Gatelli, a Borough native and Tony Award winner for choreography for “Newsies,” and Bristol native Mark Indelicato, a former star of TV’s “Ugly Betty,” also endorsed, as did state Sen. Tommy Tomlinson, R-6, Bensalem, and state Rep. Frank Farry, R-142, Langhorne. On Twitter, celebrity chef Robert Irvine called for support for Bristol.

Bristol Borough Small Business Revolution

The Small Business Revolution competition is designed to help small towns improve their business districts through marketing and capital improvements and individualized assistance to specific businesses. The winning city also appeared in a video with “Shark Tank” star Robert Herjavec, a small business advocate. With the help of many friends throughout Bucks County and beyond, Bristol Borough won $500,000 in marketing services and more. Small business revolution competition.

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The hometown on the Delaware River won the top prize of the contest, and received the most votes among the five finalist cities across the country.

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Hundreds of Bristol residents and county dignitaries gathered at Bristol’s Riverside Theater on Wednesday afternoon to hear the good news via Facebook video stream live from pageant sponsor Deluxe Corp.

Bill Pezza, chairman of Bristol Civic Association Raising the Bar and the brains behind the win, was delighted with the achievement. He said Tuesday that he continues to think about the late President Theodore Roosevelt and his “Man in the Arena” speech. He paraphrased that those who strive to do great things either “see the victory of high achievements… or at least… need a lot”.

Bristol was very daring. When the contest began in the fall, 14,000 candidates were submitted for approximately 3,500 cities. Bristol received over 100 nominations to become one of eight semi-finalists and earn a visit from deluxe staff to tour and film the city. The district was then named one of five finalists on February 9. Then the voting began and Bristol pulled out all the stops to collect the necessary votes over the next week to make the victory a reality. A spirited demonstration took place, and ballots were distributed to the patrons of the Bristol Theater and to many businesses in the city.

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Supporters also took their vote campaign to their workplaces, schools, churches and clubs. The Grundy Library even stayed open late Thursday night, the last night of voting, so residents without home computers could cast their votes.

Now, the city is in the second season of Small Business Revolution with Robert Herjavec of the television show “Shark Tank,” about the city and individual businesses and how they improve with the help of Deluxe’s ​​marketing team. Last year’s first season featured the first winner, Wabash State, Indiana, in an eight-part Internet movie series.

“The whole thing is decided and run by Deluxe,” Pezza said, adding that raising the bar is an effort to facilitate Deluxe’s ​​services.

Bristol Borough Small Business Revolution

Based in Shoreview, Minnesota, Deluxe is known for its financial assistance and related financial and business marketing services. Its website says the $1.6 billion company has given millions of dollars in grants to communities across the country and its employees have donated many volunteer hours to community causes.

Bristol Borough Business Community Thriving

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