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Blog Post Ideas For Small Business

Blog Post Ideas For Small Business – We live in a digital world. While this is already true, the events of 2020 have given us a deeper understanding of virtual reality.

As of March 2020, Google’s search traffic jumped from an average of 3.6 billion searches per day to 6 billion.

Blog Post Ideas For Small Business

Blog Post Ideas For Small Business

More than 500 million blogs and more than 2 million new blog posts are published every day on more than 1.7 billion websites.

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Blogging, especially one focused on SEO, moving your site to the top of Google has changed dramatically since its inception. It is now an essential marketing tool for businesses, influencers and freelancers around the world.

We are talking about the type of marketing that works to find the pain points solving your offer/product.

Friends, there is no better way to appear than your website in Google.

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Think of business blogs as another marketing channel in your arsenal to attract new customers and engage with existing audiences, such as social media, email marketing, PPC, and more.

Content marketing is an efficient form of marketing that generates high ROI while costing 62% less than traditional marketing and generating 3x more leads.

If you’ve dismissed blogging as a waste of time in the past, this article will make you reconsider the benefits of introducing business blogging into your content marketing plan.

Blog Post Ideas For Small Business

When blogging first appeared in the 90s, people mostly used blogs to share their personal stories online, like digital diaries that the public could read.

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Blogging isn’t just your mom’s hobby blog idea. Oh no. There are many businesses in many, many industries that make $70,000 or more per person

Simply because of the traffic they get on their SEO driven blog leads to conversions and sales. (My former content agency, Express Writers, is one of those case studies.)

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. Basically, this means optimizing your website and its content for easy reading, ranking and indexing by Google and other search engines.

However, SEO is not just about Google bots. Many different factors are used in rating systems, most of which focus on user experience. The goal is to strike a balance between attracting human readers and making it easy for Google to manage your content.

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For example, breaking up large blocks of text with titles, subtitles and graphics will allow your audience to browse your articles and allow bots that crawl your pages to quickly understand and categorize your content in an appropriate manner.

Using targeted keywords helps Google recognize that your content is relevant when someone types a query into the search box. Depending on the quality of your content, Google will rank your articles on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

If you only write for your human readers, you may miss keywords. Most writers tend to instinctively avoid repeating the same words and phrases, so Google may not make a connection and place your content on the SERPs.

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Blog Post Ideas For Small Business

But if you only write for Google, your content might not be fun to read. It seems rigid, mechanical and repetitive, with keywords constantly being forced into sentences in ways that sound unnatural.

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This will do more harm than good – Google’s main focus is to provide relevant, high-quality content to people looking for information. Keyword stuffing is an outdated practice, let alone closing your consumers immediately.

When done right, SEO can turn your content into the best of both worlds. People will find your content useful and easy to read, and Google will rank and rank your site.

While I’m not against it, I think it’s more accurate to say that the audience is king. The content is the castle.

Building a content-based marketing strategy has huge benefits for small businesses. Here are 9 reasons why a SEO business blog is a smart move:

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SEO is the process of optimizing your website for Google so that you can get a higher page rank and a better chance of landing on the first SERP.

The truth is, without great content, you’re unlikely to get much organic traffic without paying for PPC and other traditional advertising.

Content and SEO go hand in hand. In fact, content is one of the most important factors that Google considers when analyzing and indexing your website.

Blog Post Ideas For Small Business

Even if you have formatted your website according to every known SEO best practice, your content must be valuable to your readers. This means authentic content, correct grammar, few spelling mistakes, research with solid links to back up your claims, and more.

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When you publish content that readers find valuable, you are signaling Google and other search engines to show your posts on search engine results pages (SERPs) when people are searching. information.

This is free traffic. You don’t pay for ad space – all you do is write about topics relevant to your business and audience.

Companies with active blogs have, on average, 434% more indexed pages and 97% more inbound links.

Tyler is a real-world example of the power of a small business SEO business blog. After only four months of focusing on SEO, he made $200,000. Before he made this investment worthwhile, his business lost $20,000.

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“For the most part, they are motivated. I would say 80% of potential customers are motivated sellers. You send direct mail, you are dealing with 90% of people who are not motivated. SEO is the exact opposite. They are running behind you, you are not chasing them.”

What did Taylor and other small business owners discover after harnessing the power of SEO for business blogging?

Not only does it bring more traffic to their website, but it also brings the right kind of traffic. That’s what content marketing is all about. Taylor sums it up perfectly: Your consumers will run

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Blog Post Ideas For Small Business

Stop wasting your money on traditional forms of advertising after uninterested viewers. It’s like swimming after fish and trying to catch them with your hands, rather than bait and sit back and relax. Don’t overwork yourself.

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Think of it this way – instead of spamming potential customers with pop-ups or asking them to take action (often forcing them to spend their hard-earned money), you’re having a casual conversation with them.

The main purpose of content is to educate or entertain your readers, not to sell them something. This is the best way to introduce your brand to people and make a good first impression.

Suddenly you don’t show up for a sale that makes you feel like you’re a sloppy “good deal” car salesman.

Instead, start your business by giving instead of asking. It starts by providing valuable and useful information and then ends with a random call to action (CTA) at the end.

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This non-invasive method works. 52% of buyers said they were “definitely more likely” to make a purchase after reading seller content.

No ads. Blogging contains 1,200+ long term blogs that bring in lots of customers and income. EW still publishes a blog every week, and has for ten years. Below is a month’s worth of e-commerce sales for these customers.

Technically, you can start building your content marketing framework on third-party platforms like Blogger,, or even Facebook. In many cases, this option is free or low cost.

Blog Post Ideas For Small Business

Let’s say you decide that Facebook will be the home for your content. Everything you post is on Facebook.

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However, you never actually own that content. If Facebook goes bankrupt and goes out of business overnight, what do you think will happen to all the content you’ve been creating for years?

If you’re going to invest in a profitable long-term content marketing strategy, you need a website. When you host a website yourself instead of putting all your trust on a third-party platform, your content will be more secure and look more professional.

Your website needs to be the only point that directs your traffic (therefore, your home). All your content is here. You can and should still share it across multiple platforms and channels, but you need a safe place where you can keep full control over it.

If the thought of coming up with a clever company name on the spot makes you sweat, don’t stress about it! Many business owners, especially online entrepreneurs, use their name as their domain name.

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For example, Joe Pulizzi has the domain, which is where he builds his content library. Nice and simple, right? His name is his brand.

If you use a third-party platform to host your website, you can choose to use a free URL provided by the host. For example, if you were using Wix, your URL would be “”.

However, if you bought a domain that you own, your URL will be “”. Your website can still be created and hosted with Wix, however

Blog Post Ideas For Small Business

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