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Blog Ideas For Small Business

Blog Ideas For Small Business – Have you ever sat down with the intention of writing posts about your business and come up empty? You stare at the screen for what seems like ages and still can’t think of anything to share with your audience. It happens to us too!

Knowing what to share and what will interest your audience can be difficult. For many small business owners, it can be easy to just post a photo and hashtag and forget about the text. However, an informative or entertaining description is not beneficial to your business. It enhances your brand, engages your audience, and positions your business as a trusted source of information.

Blog Ideas For Small Business

Blog Ideas For Small Business

To help you get started with getting an Instagram account or Facebook page following, we’re breaking down some of our favorite post ideas for small businesses!

Giveaway Ideas For Small Businesses & Startups (& Examples)

If you’re running out of new photos to share or can’t find a stock photo that matches your name, user-generated content is a great alternative.

Simple words like “Thank you for this beautiful photo @username” are enough to encourage your users to appreciate and keep sharing your posts.

Part of building a brand is adding a personal element and showing the faces behind your business. Creating a series like “Introductory Friday” is a fun way to introduce your employees and get to know your audience.

Questions don’t have to be difficult, make them fun and easy so your audience can interact with your staff and start building that connection with your channel as a whole. Who doesn’t love animals? If you have cute friends in the office, be sure to give them a shout- we promise it will go a long way with your followers!

Blog Content Ideas For Busy Small Business Owners

We strongly believe in repurposing content and sharing content across multiple platforms. Blog posts take a lot of time to write, so why put them on your site and forget about them?

Instead, extract paragraphs from your blogs and reuse them as comments on Instagram and Facebook. At the end of the text, encourage your followers to view the full blog post by adding something like: “Want to learn more about this topic? Leave the blog in our bio!” Social media is important, but you also add to it. Traffic to your website!

Another strategy we use is to answer common questions in our industry. By doing this, you position yourself and your business as an industry leader and show that you know your stuff. It’s also a great strategy to grow your social media following if you use the right hashtags. People will read your post, see that you provide industry insight, and follow you for quality content!

Blog Ideas For Small Business

Have fun and share with your audience what it’s like to work at your company. Other ideas include going behind the scenes of a photo shoot, product development, or a fun team meeting. This is a great strategy to use if you want to get hired and attract like-minded people.

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Blog Post Ideas For Your Small Business Blog

Sharing a review or testimonial on your Instagram feed isn’t bragging – it’s proving you have a great product or service! 97% of people read reviews of local businesses, so adding one to your newsletter calendar often makes it easier to find. It is also an opportunity to thank your customers for their patronage and purchase.

You can use a free tool like CanvaorEasil to create an image that will look great on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. In the comments, feel free to call out the customer who left the review and thank them for their support. Not only will your audience see a positive review, they’ll also see that you value your customers.

Connect with your followers by asking questions or sending surveys. The topic can be fun or on the serious side, but either way, your customers will love giving their feedback.

Not sure what your next blog post should be? Ask what your customers want to read! Need ideas for a new office paint color? Post a picture of the paint swatches and let your followers hear. It’s about creating that connection with your audience and making them feel part of the experience.

List Of Small Business Ideas For Startup

If you’re still feeling stuck, we’ve got you covered. Download our guide to 35 social media ideas below and shift those gears. We look forward to seeing the exciting news coming your way! The day you decide to quit your job and become a business owner can be exciting, but it can also be really hard. Starting and growing a business requires a high level of risk, experience and dedication. To give entrepreneurs a chance to succeed, we’ve scoured the web for small business blogs to help them find the information they’re looking for. Here are fifteen of the best blogs for small business owners right now—providing information, tips, and guidance:

Big Ideas for Small Businesses provides concise, clear, and practical tax, financial, and legal information for small business owners to help them take advantage of opportunities and avoid pitfalls. Their mission: “We make entrepreneurs smarter”.

Small Business Trends is an independent electronic media company specializing in news and information for small businesses with 0 to 100 employees. Their mission is “small business success… delivered every day.” And that means their team is committed to serving their 2 million monthly audience with daily content. Since 2003.

Blog Ideas For Small Business

Top 4 Businesses is your source for real-world, business insight – written by successful business owners – on how to best start, grow and succeed your business. Including new business ideas, how to come up with something interesting. Business names, legal startup guides, and smart financial options.

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Learn how to start, run, grow and run your own business from scratch on the CorpNet blog. Nellie Akalp, founder and CEO of CorpNet, shares industry insights that cover everything from the basics of corporate law to step-by-step guides to starting, running, growing and operating your business across all industries. Get inspired and turn those business dreams into reality on the blog.

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You will find that they provide information about existing and new businesses. You’ll find a mix of content on their website for both, as they work hard to ensure that their customers are protected throughout their business startups and throughout the life of their business owners.

SmallBizDaily is a blog site that provides ideas, information, inspiration and motivation for small business owners. At SmallBizDaily, he combines his decades of experience reading and writing about entrepreneurship with his freshman experiences as a startup entrepreneur to share his unique perspective on the small business world.

The website is managed by Reva Lesinski and Maria Valdez Hobrich. They met 30 years ago in Entrepreneur magazine. When Reva decided it was time to stop talking about business and start living, he struck out on his own and has never regretted the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Small Business Saturday Uk

Featured article: To ensure their readers have the latest information on how the coronavirus is affecting small businesses, they have created a page for the latest news: Corona Virus Update. is a website dedicated to news and advice for the UK’s 5.9 million small and medium-sized businesses, including retailers and small businesses.

It includes the latest news, how-to features, expert guidance from journalists and lawyers, as well as exclusive interviews with industry leaders. Her popular podcast guests include Deborah Madden of Dragons’ Den and City magnate Nicola Horlick.

Blog Ideas For Small Business

The site was recently named by trade journalist Press Gazette along with the Financial Times and Daily Telegraph as one of the best examples of blogging during the COVID-19 crisis.

Small Business Ideas In 7 Categories With 3 Questions To Help You Decide

Learn how to effectively manage employees by following the blog. Although the focus is clearly on the service industry, the blog is a good resource for any managers out there. Staffing, staff retention and staffing are some of the topics covered in the blog. Another great resource to check out is the Small Business Dictionary. Not sure about some business words and terms? Then the Small Business Dictionary is here to help.

Ideas Plus Business is a business tool for entrepreneurs and startups founded by Adeyemi Adetilewa. Over the years, has evolved from a one-man blog to a platform for various experts to share their unique voices on various topics with a global audience. They aim to “bring diverse perspectives on topics in business, finance, marketing, startups and the technology industry.”

The Small Business Bonfire is an online community of entrepreneurs founded in 2011. They create and share small business content in the form of tips, tools, resources, articles and inspiration on our blog and newsletter. Their goal is to create the leading website where aspiring and established small business owners around the world can get the small business help and advice they need. is one of them.

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