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Annie Pilon Small Business Trends

Annie Pilon Small Business Trends – Mark Zuckerberg may have founded Facebook when he was 19, but he is one of a handful of entrepreneurs. Over the years, there have been many successful people in business and other ventures that started later.

Funders and founders recently shared an infographic depicting late bloomers who demonstrate proficiency in a variety of fields, showing that great achievements don’t always happen at a young age. Among them was JK Rowling who didn’t teach until she was 23. Vincent Van Gogh didn’t start painting until he was 27. Martha Stewart didn’t get into home design until she was 35.

Annie Pilon Small Business Trends

Annie Pilon Small Business Trends

Entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg may have the wild ideas and youthful energy required for a successful business, but experience is also important. Just because someone is successful later than their peers does not make them any less successful overall.

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In a study from financiers and founders, information designer and infographic author Anna Vitale shares some of the reasons why some successful people may be late bloomers than others.

“If you compare yourself to all the young and talented people, it might sound terrible to learn something later in life. Understandable. The problem is that it’s not necessarily better to do something early than later.”

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Partners Partners Blogs Blogs Planning Planning Bostity Competitiveness Beamonization. Small Business Standards Methodology Social Media Structure Size Standards Summary Basics Learning Village Sites Creating Women Entrepreneurs WordPress Services Working in the middle of the industry can be tough. As society becomes increasingly cashless, it becomes even more difficult for many who rely on tips. All this makes it difficult for service companies to retain top talent.

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Fortunately, Tippy is working hard to solve this problem. Learn about the company’s digital tips solutions for employee retention in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

CEO David Tashjian told Small Business Trends, “With customers carrying less and less cash, the question often asked at the front desk these days is…” Can I put a tip on my card? The payments industry has done a poor job of providing Convenient ways to keep up. Case in point – hotel room service staff – twenty years ago, over 80% of hotel guests would tip in cash. Today – less than 30%. When hotel, salon or spa owners allow tipping by credit card , two additional issues arise – 1) expensive credit card processing fees and 2) delays in receiving their tips, as service people now have to wait 1-2 weeks to receive tips on wages.

Annie Pilon Small Business Trends

“Tippy’s disruptive technology provides digital tipping solutions for all industries, from hospitality to grooming to pet grooming! We give owners a set of tools to show they care about their employees, which is what retention is all about.” Tipi brings 22.3% higher, can deliver them immediately to professional service personnel, and by the way, also save the owner tip handling fees. At the same time provide customers with a convenient, personalized experience. Satisfied customers, happy staff… happy businesses.”

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Says Tashjian, “When we started Tippi, we decided the best way to solve this problem was to hire team members with first-hand experience. For example, every one of our customer success managers who work in our salons and spas have worked for them at some point in their careers. So they know the problems firsthand and can connect in the best way to our solutions.”

By mixing different skills and experiences. Tashjian explained: “Two brothers-in-law started the company. One from fintech and one from the salon/beauty industry. It was a match made in heaven!”

“I know it sounds cliché, but the biggest ‘win’ in the history of our company was the coming together of a group of people who shared the same definition of winning,” Tashjian said. “It sounds easy, but it’s hard when you grow up. Tippi is customer-focused and defines ‘Zachiya’ as giving them the best solution. So we work really well together – it makes work fun.”

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Tashjian explained: “We’re a technology company and of course we believe our product is the best. We’ve developed our digital wallet but we’ve struggled to deliver the powerful features our customers deserve. At the end of the day, that’s what we need to do – for our customers deliver the best! So , after an extensive search, we partnered with Branch. There are multiple risks in this partnership – will our cultures clash? Do we have a similar commitment to customer service? etc. If the partnership fails, it means an unhappy customer and possibly a catastrophic loss of time in our future roadmap. Fortunately, we didn’t just choose a good partner…we chose a great partner! We received great customer reviews and worked very well together. It was a decision we never doubted!”

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Get enough money early. “Don’t be afraid to get more money in early stage financing,” Tashjian said. “Each round takes a lot of time and effort, and while funding at an earlier stage means more dilution, the advantage of not having to go back and market multiple times allows you to focus more time on what’s most important – moving and growing your business!”

Tashjian added: “Valuations drive more growth than profitability these days. In fintech, you have to focus more on revenue on a daily basis.”

“Of course we have our regular weekly meetings, but we go one step further. We hold quarterly town halls across the company. This is where we share our full finances and all the important things we’re doing in the industry,” Tashjian said. Our triumphs and failures are heard by everyone in the company. This leaves everyone rowing in the same direction, minimizes surprises and creates a wonderful environment in this world of a flexible and virtual work environment.”

Annie Pilon Small Business Trends

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