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Amazon Prime Day Small Business Sweepstakes Scam

Amazon Prime Day Small Business Sweepstakes Scam – Are Amazon’s ‘Small Business Prime Day’ Emails Scam or Legit? According to email messages posted on Twitter, Amazon is running a special sweepstakes around the e-commerce giant’s annual sale, “Prime Day.”

In July 2022, readers asked whether Amazon was sending emails to customers about a sweepstakes called a “Prime Day Small Business Promotion” or whether messages related to such a contest were a scam. After investigation, we came to know that the emails are genuine advertisements from the company.

Amazon Prime Day Small Business Sweepstakes Scam

Amazon Prime Day Small Business Sweepstakes Scam

Prime Day Small Business Promotion (Sweepstakes) From June 21, 2022 to July 11, 2022, Amazon offers eligible customers the chance to win amazing prizes, exclusive experiences like an all-expenses-paid trip to the Super Bowl, and exclusive merchandise. New, innovative “Supporting Small Businesses to Win Big.” The sweepstakes is free to enter. Upon registration, for every $1 a customer spends on qualifying small business products, they will receive one entry into the sweepstakes. To make it easier than ever for customers to support small businesses that sell on Amazon, we’ve curated products from small American brands and local artisans. Amazon’s unique shopping experience. Additionally, we’re always looking to create new ways for our customers to discover and support small businesses in their communities, and this Prime Minister’s Day we’re excited to be testing a new small business badge that recognizes products from small business owners and artisans. For more information, visit ThePrime Day Small Business Promotions FAQ.

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We found two tweets that showed photos of emails about the promotion, and those messages mentioned gift card rewards. Several users responded to the tweets saying they had received similar emails from Amazon.

In an email, a representative of the Amazon PR team confirmed that the email addresses shown in the tweets were genuine and said the gift cards were part of a Prime Small Business Promotion Day. They also told us that official sweepstakes correspondence should come from [email protected] with the subject line “Congratulations – Claim Your Amazon Prime Day Sweepstakes Prize.”

In these e-mail messages, a “Prize Claim Portal” link led to a page requesting a login to Amazon. This is correct as per the information received by us. In addition, you may be required by law to fill out a form containing your name and certain personal information.

Note: Outside of Amazon’s official login or password change page, the company no longer asks for a password or other confidential information. One of the biggest shopping days is spring and shoppers are ready to take advantage of the deals. . Amazon Prime Day is July 12-13 this year.

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The Better Business Bureau of Western Michigan warns of serving scammers who try to take advantage of those who don’t know what to look for. According to the 2021 BBB Scam Tracker Risk Report, Amazon became the most fraudulent company reported to the BBB Scam Tracker, with twice as many reports as the second most fraudulent company.

“Scammers try to trick consumers into clicking on fraudulent links or sharing passwords and payment information,” said Lisa Froehnapfel, president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau Serving Western Michigan. Make sure you interact with emails, texts, calls and all websites. The right people.”

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A West Michigan man was recently attacked by a scammer who thought he was Amazon. The company website has a name that is very similar to the name of Amazon’s affiliate websites. He made the purchase and got a fraudulent charge on his account. After his research, he found that the website had similar complaints of money being taken from accounts flagged for fraudulent activity. Unfortunately he couldn’t find the contact details and couldn’t find the lost money. The man lost about 200 dollars in this incident.

Amazon Prime Day Small Business Sweepstakes Scam

A Lansing woman recently received packages from Amazon that she didn’t order. He did some digging and found $450 in fraudulent charges on an Amazon credit card from a suspended account. He contacted Amazon and is in the process of getting the card blocked and the charges stopped. Ralphie Aversa on how to get Amazon Prime Day deals with Senior Review Editor David Kender and Senior Director of Partner Content Kate Ellsworth.

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Amazon’s shopping season — known as Amazon Prime Day — is upon us. And it’s time to stop the many scams associated with Amazon.

Amazon has been notorious for scammers throughout the year. According to data from the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Sentinel Network from July 2021 to June, one in five people who reported a business impersonation scam pretended the scam came from Amazon.

Last year, 65,976 people were reported targeted by Amazon developers and 5,411 people lost their money, according to new data from the FTC.

According to FTC data, reported losses total more than $36 million. The average loss in this group—meaning half lost more and half lost less—this time was $1,050.

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Losing a lot of money is especially important when consumers are dealing with higher prices on everything from groceries to gas.

Amazon’s Prime Day runs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but the retailer’s online bargain hunt in July is often the finale for shoppers. And you can bet that scammers will play up the odds to scam online shoppers again.

In the first few days of July, hacking attacks related to Amazon increased nearly 37% compared to the daily average in June, according to statistics from cybersecurity firm Check Point Research.

Amazon Prime Day Small Business Sweepstakes Scam

“Amazon is very popular and millions of families use it for different things. They use it for their TV and Amazon Prime. They use it to get things. During this pandemic many of us are thinking, “I have Amazon boxes being shipped every day. ,” said Amy Nofziger, director of victim assistance for the AARP Fraud Watch Network.

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He said the fraud network heard from 16 victims in just two days last week about Amazon-related fraud in a variety of ways, in which a customer’s account was charged $499 for a purchase the person did not make.

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The ridiculously high price notification is just a trick by scammers to get you to download apps like AnyDeskor TeamViewer to give hackers access to your phone or computer to steal data, access codes and even money.

For example, Michigan’s unemployment insurance agency warned Monday that criminals are sending text messages from the 210 area code saying, “Your overdue $2,800 is still waiting for your profile.” A real agency does not contact people by phone message.

A simple tip: Don’t buy gift cards or bitcoins for strangers, allow access to your computer or device regardless of volume, or give information to strangers. How reliable.

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Additional tip: Amazon does not require customers to purchase gift cards for any service. Amazon doesn’t collect payments by phone or email — only through its app or website. Amazon does not ask you to download or install any software to connect to customer service.

Tips to protect yourself when shopping online also apply: use a credit card for best protection, be careful to make sure you’re not buying from a fake website, and be aware of fake-looking prices. Too good to be true is a sign you’re dealing with a scammer.

John Anter, who lives in Port Huron, lost about $400 to a scam involving someone pretending to be an Amazon employee. He may have lost another $550 in the same scam but found less cash in the bank.

Amazon Prime Day Small Business Sweepstakes Scam

Instead, Anter was trying to sign in to Amazon Prime on his TV and had to log in using his smartphone.

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“I’ve done it before; I’ve never had a problem,” said Anter, a Chrysler retiree who worked at the National Parts Distributorship in Center Line.

However, this time a problem arose and a phone number for customer support appeared on his phone. He called it, it was a mistake number.

The man on the line, speaking in a foreign language, told Anter the reason he couldn’t sign in. The footman told Anter not to worry, that he needed to update his Amazon account and had $50 for Amazon Digital. Because it will be returned.

Then the $100 was paid, the man again said don’t worry as it will be returned. Anter used his bank card again to send $100.

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“One thing led to another and the next thing I knew he was transferring money through Jelle to my Chase account,” he said.

Then, the scammer wanted to transfer another $400 to someone else’s name. But the bank stopped the $400 transfer because they saw unusual activity.

She was able to get the first $150 back after calling Chase and disputing the debit card charges. But the bank told him he was ready to transfer the money immediately through Zelle, and the $400 wasn’t replaced.

Amazon Prime Day Small Business Sweepstakes Scam

I said, ‘No, I learned my lesson here,'” said Anter, 84.

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