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Akron Ohio Small Business Grants

Akron Ohio Small Business Grants – The City of Akron is providing financial assistance to small businesses affected by the pandemic through one-time grants of $10,000.

AKRON, Ohio – The City of Akron is providing financial assistance to small businesses affected by the pandemic through one-time grants of $10,000.

Akron Ohio Small Business Grants

Akron Ohio Small Business Grants

Applications open on August 15 and until September 2. The grant program is administered by the Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce.

How To Apply For Small Business Relief Program In Akron

“ARPA funding allows us to help these important organizations continue to do business in Akron. I couldn’t be more excited to put these investments in the hands of our business owners,” said Mayor Dan Horrigan.

To qualify, businesses must be for-profit, located in Akron, have two to 50 employees on the payroll, have valid income and property taxes, and be in business before January 1, 2020.

Business owners must describe how they have been negatively impacted by reduced business activity or increased supply chain costs related to the COVID-19 pandemic or related health restrictions and orders.

This money can be used for rent or mortgage costs, wages and benefits, utility costs, and investments to meet reopening guidelines, such as purchasing personal protective equipment or remote access and connectivity devices.

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All questions regarding the program should be directed to the Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce at [email protected] or through the program information line at (330) 237-1219.

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Akron Peanut Shoppe owner Marge Klein will apply for the city’s small business aid program. (Photo courtesy of Shane Wynn for AkronStock)

Akron Ohio Small Business Grants

AKRON, Ohio – Since the 1930s, Akron’s iconic peanut store has controlled the ebb and flow of the central business district.

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The multi-year, roughly $45 million Main Street Corridor project has never been more challenging than the past few years as it collided with the COVID-19 pandemic, hitting businesses that depend on human interaction the hardest.

For the Peanut Shop, the city welcomes small business grants from American Recovery Planning Act funds, store owner Marge Klein said.

“Low resources, you know?” she said “is that so, what am I going to do now? How do I do that? I’m always trying to think of who I’m going to pay this week.

What you need to know Acron’s iconic Peanut Shoppe is among the businesses that haven’t recovered from the pandemic, and Main Street home improvement store owner Marge Klein said she’s applying for a new grant program Akron is offering to small businesses. $10,000 grants to eligible businesses $1 million in ARPA funds The program opens for applications on August 15 and closes on September 2, with grants awarded in October.

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Foot traffic to the store has dropped over the past few years, streets and sidewalks have been torn up from storefront to storefront, and traffic has been rerouted around orange cones, Klein said.

“We are waiting to see what this Covid is.

In 2020, the peanut store closed completely for more than seven months and didn’t reopen until the pandemic passed, she said. The business survived thanks to the help of the city and the sea.

Akron Ohio Small Business Grants

A true specialty store, the Peanut Shoppe offers a variety of nuts, candies and hot popcorn. The store depends on city employees coming in at lunchtime to pick up treats like chocolate-covered almonds, honey cashews and pan-roasted nuts that originated in the store’s predecessor, the Farmer’s Peanut Shop, Klein said.

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“People come in and say, ‘I need chocolate to get me through the day,'” Klein said.

Akron’s iconic peanut store has been in the downtown business district since the 1930s. (Photo courtesy of Shane Wynn for AkronStock)

Even after returning to normal hours, the Peanut Shop won’t return to its previous levels, Klein said, because many downtown workers have returned only part-time, telecommuting and some storefronts are empty.

“This center is not what it used to be,” she said. “When you have retail, it’s based on having other retail around you.”

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Klein said he is applying for a grant from the city’s Small Business Assistance Program, which will award $10,000 in ARPA funds, the city said in a statement.

“Our small businesses are the lifeblood of Akron,” Horrigan said. “Between the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent shutdowns, supply chain issues, staff shortages and more, they’ve weathered a few storms over the past few years.”

To receive the grants, small businesses must meet a set of requirements that the city has posted online.

Akron Ohio Small Business Grants

Businesses can use the funds to pay rent or mortgages, wages, utility costs, remote access equipment such as computers and software, or costs associated with meeting reopening guidelines, the city said.

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The program opens for applications on August 15th at the Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce and closes on September 2nd. The city plans to award the grants in October.

Details are not yet available on the informational website the city says it plans to hold on Aug. 15.

For more information, call the Greater Akron Chamberor at 330-237-1219 or email Greater Akron Chamber Questions, 388 S. Can be mailed to Main St., Akron, 443411.

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Akron Civic Theatre

, Ohio – The Small Business Administration is awarding grants to 51 organizations to help entrepreneurs connect to government resources.

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The grants are part of the SBA and the Biden-Harris administration’s “Community Navigator Pilot Program.” It is an initiative of America’s rescue plan designed to reduce barriers for small businesses, including those belonging to disadvantaged groups, to access government resources.

“We want to match businesses with the resources to start, grow and survive, and the Community Navigator pilot program will enable a network of trusted community partners to connect America’s entrepreneurs with the SBA,” Administrator Isabella Casillas Guzman said in a press release. to release

Akron Ohio Small Business Grants

Grant recipients are divided into three levels. Including eight organizations that provide support at the national level, 11 at the state or metropolitan level, and 32 that provide support at the local level.

Small Business Relief Office

According to the SBA website, minority-owned businesses and mom-and-pop businesses have been less successful in accessing programs offered during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The goal of the Community Navigators program is to help small businesses easily access resources such as financial aid and industry-specific training.

According to a press release, the organizations that received the funding will intensify operations to support local entrepreneurs in the coming weeks.

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Akron Community Foundation Distributes Nearly $2.5 Million In Quarterly Grants

AKRON, Ohio – It’s no secret that many businesses have struggled since the pandemic began.

What you need to know Small businesses across the state are struggling in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, an Akron business owner said, relying on grants and loans to stay afloat during these tough times. Grant to help some businesses

The city has announced a new program to provide one-time $10,000 grants to qualified small businesses. The program will use $1 million in American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA) funds.

Akron Ohio Small Business Grants

For small business owners like Marge Klein, owner of The Peanut Shop in Akron, loans like these are critical to keeping her business afloat.

Small Business Assistance — News

“People are working from home now, so we don’t have the lunchtime traffic we used to have,” Klein explained. “It’s hard, but you know we have to do what we have to do. We knew we had to come back.”

The iconic Akron store has been in business since 1933, but the owner said the past few years have been the toughest he’s experienced.

The store was closed for several months during the pandemic, and there was major construction going on right in front of her store in downtown Akron.

“We take it one day at a time, one week at a time,” she said. “Be assured it will get better.”

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The program will use $1 million in American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA) funds. Applications open August 15th through September 2nd, 2022. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on Akron

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