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According To The Spotlight On Small Business Box

According To The Spotlight On Small Business Box – Prime Day 2021 will bring two days of epic savings on more than 2 million transactions worldwide, with Amazon putting its small business seller partners first.

Prime Day 2021 ended on June 22nd at 12pm PDT. Learn more about the history of Prime Day and check for updates on next year’s event here.

According To The Spotlight On Small Business Box

According To The Spotlight On Small Business Box

Get ready: Amazon’s annual Prime Day event runs June 21-22, kicking off the summer with the best deals and biggest savings Prime has to offer. The two-day shopping extravaganza will offer Prime members more than 2 million deals in every category, including fashion, electronics, toys, home decor, cars and more. In addition, early bird offers and promotions are already underway.

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Prime Day is Amazon’s biggest event of the year. Learn more about its origins and find out how you can prepare to buy next year.

Amazon is proud to support our small business seller partners this year. Retailers will offer more than 1 million deals this Prime Day, and for two weeks before the shopping event, Amazon will offer a $10 Prime Day credit to members who spend $10 on select American products and small business brands in Amazon’s trade. Customers can obtain a loan from June 7 to 20. The Small Business Showcase is located at

Prime Day begins at on June 21st at midnight PDT and runs through June 22nd. The event is open to Prime members in the US, UK, UAE, Turkey, Spain, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Netherlands, Mexico, Luxembourg, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, China, Brazil, Belgium, Austria and Australia .

Keep reading for tips on how to get the most out of your Prime Day experience, support small businesses, and find early deals.

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At the heart of Prime Day is our incredible community of sales partners of nearly 2 million SMBs worldwide. This allows Amazon to provide a great customer experience on Prime Day and throughout the year. These third-party sellers represent nearly 60% of sales on Amazon and are a constant source of inspiration for us. That’s why in 2020, we invested more than $18 billion in our logistics network, tools, services, programs and teams to help sellers thrive on the Amazon store. On this premier day, we want to celebrate our partnership with small businesses and empower them to reach more customers and grow even more with Amazon. Home » Blog » Amazon & Marketplaces » Amazon Prime Day Results: Analysis and Key Insights for 2022

What started as a one-day Amazon event in 2015 has turned into a major shopping holiday for Amazon and their competitors. And as Amazon shoppers have come to expect over the past few years, the retailer kicked off its now (officially) two-day extravaganza a little early.

Shoppers who visited on July 11, 2022 were greeted with Early Prime Day deals they could get right away, ranging from certified refurbished discounts to big savings on Alexa-enabled devices.

According To The Spotlight On Small Business Box

These featured deals remind us that Prime Day isn’t just a big event for Amazon, the retailer and brands and sellers on the platform — it’s also a big event for the many branches of Amazon that sell goods and services.

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Enhanced offers that encourage subscriptions—like two extra months of free Audible (an Amazon affiliate), shown below—also show how reaching a broad audience during one of the biggest shopping events of the year can help deliver ongoing revenue benefits for months or years.

Our Amazon Prime Day 2022 study of 1,000 Prime members found that 88% plan to shop on Prime Day 2022; 40% said they were more excited to shop Amazon during Prime Day this year than in 2021.

Now that Prime Day has come and gone, let’s dive into some additional stats from the two biggest shopping days of the year.

Managing ads for clients across a wide range of industries gives us plenty of high-level, category- and brand-specific insights into Prime Day performance, and this year’s wins included some of the usual suspects and some pleasant surprises!

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Although people have long been interested in their genetic profile and family history, scientific advances and the Internet have made testing, research and connection a sideline.

Genealogy websites have gained significant popularity over the years, connecting people with their past and present family members they didn’t know how to reach – or didn’t even know existed. Recently, at-home DNA testing kits have also skyrocketed in popularity, offering people a convenient, cost-effective testing solution that only requires a visit to the mailbox instead of a doctor’s office.

Ancestry, a client operating in this space, experienced tremendous success during Prime Day 2022, generating more than 2.3 million in peak Prime Day (day one) sales – a 391% year-over-year increase in compared to the first day of Prime Day 2021.

According To The Spotlight On Small Business Box

Ancestry’s Prime Day Search strategy used conversion and consideration tactics through keyword targeting, product targeting, custom images and video creative. Their display strategy used contextual ads on Amazon to guide customers through the purchase stage. Our team implemented a broad consideration campaign to drive new customers to Ancestry’s Product Detail Pages (PDP). We also targeted a new-to-category audience with the goal of attracting new Amazon customers to Ancestry’s products.

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“We are delighted with the Prime Day results which are a testament to our strong partnership with,”

“We look forward to building on these insights to help even more people discover, create and connect their family story.”

Animal lovers opened their canvas wallets this opening day, with record sales for a number of cruelty-free shoppers, including:

As more people switch to a dairy-free diet for a variety of reasons, conveniently packaged plant-based protein sources have taken the CPG industry by storm. One client, No Cow—whose business focuses on vegan protein bars—had the biggest day of e-commerce sales in their company’s history on Tuesday. No whey? Yes, the way!

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“Thanks to good preparation and teamwork on the search and DSP side, we broke another company record with . We look forward to taking these lessons and repeating them in 2023.”

Another shopper also saw his biggest day of sales ever on the first official day of the Prime Day event. This cruelty-free vegan cosmetics brand reached its average total daily sales by noon, with one ASIN selling 2300+ units. And on the second day of Prime Day, they broke their record again.

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“We prioritized inventory management in the first half of the year, and the diligence to fill heroes paid off this Prime Day. We partnered with the brand’s social media team and our paid media team to drive external traffic to our Amazon brand store. We have seen department store visitors jump by 60% with this collaboration. It was a team effort.”

According To The Spotlight On Small Business Box

While there’s always excitement around Prime Day, some retailers were concerned that recent spikes in inflation and supply chain issues would affect overall sales. The annual rate of inflation in the United States increased by 9.1% (as of June 2022), the largest annual increase since 1981. And while many retailers have built up extra inventory for Prime Day needs, the huge increase in sales can also affect supply chain and distribution.

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Our Prime Day 2022 study found that many consumers indicated that economic concerns will influence their purchasing decisions this year. 63% of respondents said that product price inflation would likely discourage them from shopping this Prime Day, and that figure is 79% for those respondents who are less excited about Prime Day this year than in 2021.

On the other hand, our study also found that 88% of respondents said they plan to shop on Prime Day this year. So how did Amazon fare when it came to sales? Despite concerns about inflation, Amazon made this announcement

“Prime members purchased more than 300 million items worldwide during Prime Day 2022, making this year’s event the largest Prime Day event in Amazon’s history.”

Since Prime Day has seen so much success over the years, other major retailers have naturally taken notice. The three to watch on any opening day are Target, Walmart and Best Buy, which are trying to level the playing field a bit for themselves with their own show-stopping deals.

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Target also had its own category-specific grocery offer, with shoppers earning a free $10 Target gift card with a $50 food and beverage purchase. While brands in this larger category didn’t run their own promotions, their deals still stood out, with Target’s promotional banner below eligible items, letting shoppers know if the items would count toward that $50.

Walmart held its own Deals for Days event in early June — instead of aligning its event with Prime Day, as they usually do — but there were still some great deals to be had during Prime Week as well.

The promotional banners and language on Walmart’s website were not as directly focused on the events as Amazon’s, Target’s or Best Buy’s; We haven’t seen any countdown or clear end dates for the discounted prices. Instead, the focus was on recently reduced prices, with buyers generally encouraged to act quickly.

According To The Spotlight On Small Business Box

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