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13.3 Critical Thinking Challenge Expand A Small Business Database

13.3 Critical Thinking Challenge Expand A Small Business Database – While hexagonal thinking is not new to the world of business and innovation, it is just entering the classroom. It’s a way of thinking about the connections between ideas and seeing the nuances in those connections. If you’re looking for a new course in debate and critical thinking, this is it.

When you place an idea in a hexagon, there are six sides that can connect to other ideas. When you put a lot of ideas in a lot of hexagons, the discussion about the place to connect the different things often.

13.3 Critical Thinking Challenge Expand A Small Business Database

13.3 Critical Thinking Challenge Expand A Small Business Database

If you deal seven cards to seven people, do you think you will get seven networks of connected hexagons? Do people define relationships in the same way?

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And of course, that’s the beauty of hexagonal thinking. It provides a basis for thoughtful discussion. When you give a small group of students a board of hexagons and ask them to put them together as they choose, each group will come to a different place for different reasons. Along the way they will trust each other and dig deeper into the ideas on the cards, discussing the key idea and how the model fits into one of these six precious pages.

Let’s imagine that your students are in small groups, and each group is looking at a beautiful table of hexagons.

Once you have your hexagons, it’s time for your team to start making connections between them. Your conversations are now about explaining why and why you think different opinions and choices are appropriate. Everyone will see things differently, and that’s okay. Just talk and you will get a connection. As you discuss your ideas, use the text to find supporting evidence for why you believe there is a strong relationship.

Each hexagon can connect six others. Adjust and adjust again until you feel you have a strong hexagon network. Then start defining your connections and corresponding arrows, write down why you made the spaces between the main hexagons.

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Everyone on the team will contribute differently, and that’s okay. You have to have people who will listen and move the parts to create space, people who will argue, people who will ask questions.

By the end of your discussion, you should have a coherent network of ideas and clear connections to explain. If you are working with paper hexagons, tape and glue them down to another sheet of paper to protect them, or print a picture of your finished site. If you’re working on the phone, send your two slides: the site with the completed hexagon, followed by a slide with your details.

There is plenty of room here for students to embrace their own unique styles. For me, part of the lesson is for the students to see that everyone can take on different roles.

13.3 Critical Thinking Challenge Expand A Small Business Database

Let’s take a look at what this might look like in your classroom. In this case, I will share digital presentations made in Google Slides, because you are leading your discussions and small group activities using online channels this year. But paper hexagons are great when you can use them.

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Let’s first look at the six-sided puzzle of the English class, which includes a section

Students can now discuss the placement of their names/hexagons. In this example, instead of moving sheets of hexagons around, they go to Google Slides, then drag and drop their words from the slide to a grid of hexagons as they decide.

Now that students are communicating the way they want, they need to clarify their choices. This can be done in several ways:

Take a look at the type of comments written for the site shown above. In this case, students share five definitions, but you can change those to suit your needs. Some connections are better than others – the ones that generate the most tension, the ones that are dramatic, the ones that have three main pieces joined together. Students will write or show about key relationships, one by one.

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Now, let’s look at what this means for the science classroom. Imagine that you are looking back at a section on global warming, and you are helping students to evaluate key ideas.

Here’s the arrangement: In this version, students can move hexagons and words, creating a number of different networks. They use arrows to point to the words they describe in detail.

Groups of students discuss the possibilities, drawing triangles and words as they go. The final product can look a hundred different ways.

13.3 Critical Thinking Challenge Expand A Small Business Database

You can make hexagons with the words inside (let your students help you cut them out!) or print out blank hexagon sheets and invite groups of students to come up with ideas they can incorporate before their discussion.

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No matter how you create, you want the hexagon tables to be filled with important ideas for your new classroom work, and an interesting combination between the conflicts and the new world. Six-dimensional thinking makes it easier to navigate discussions and brings new connections to the discussion.

To make pictures yourself, there are many ways to save time, whether you want to use digital hexagons or paper.

A nice addition to any paper table is a bunch of related flowers. Print some flowers (again, a PowerPoint template is fine) on paper for students to insert key words. Ask students to fill in their relationship descriptions. Sticky notes work well.

There are several ways to calculate the hexagonal expression. You can ask everyone to write a short presentation at the end about their lessons, and rate that. You can use it as the first board in a writing lesson, asking students to identify and discuss important connections from the dialogue, and then sort those out. You can show readers about important relationships on Flipgrid. simple.

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But I want to give you a hard choice. Recently, I interviewed Sarah Fine, co-author of

. One of his findings, after years of teaching in American high schools, is that we don’t ask students to work together in our core subjects, so we don’t really create cultural relationships between them. They cannot use their gifts to provide the final product created by the team, however this is the case with real world projects. But we prefer something called “Lostep Learning.” Everyone has to work together, separately.

Therefore, to show the hexagonal, calculate the final connected network. And he asks the children to share about their different strengths to contribute to the final product.

13.3 Critical Thinking Challenge Expand A Small Business Database

Some children can be great thinkers, coming up with fun words and ideas for what to put in the hexagons. Perhaps one or two students in the group can write and draw. They can make good examples of words and ideas. Some students may be able to lead the discussion. Maybe someone is familiar with making spatial combinations and symbols, and can help move the hexagons around as they listen to the group. Some can be good listeners, and can write notes about relationships based on what they hear from others. Others can be good mediators, who can help reach common ground and calm heated arguments when negotiations are difficult.

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If you’re going this route, I think it’s worth first discussing what project teams are in the workplace, and how people contribute in different ways. Then, at the end, you can let the children write a short paragraph about how they contributed based on their strengths and skills, and whether they enjoyed the group environment.

This works really well as a solo activity or as a quickie for friends. But with a small group, you will have more ideas about where to put things, which can be good. Consider giving students the option of working alone, with a partner, or in a group.

If you and your students need sketchnotes or single pages, you can add a bulletin board to your hexagons. Invite students to illustrate their ideas with detailed pictures and add words from their texts to bring meaning to each idea in the conversation.

This is not necessary, but it adds a lot to the discussion and the final presentation of the point of view.

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Once your students have completed their sites, you can take a photo tour to see each other’s sites and check out the connections made by their peers (this can be done online with the help of Google Slides presentations), or present them individually. Briefly return to class with some of the areas of interest. The hexagons that have generated the most controversy may be the most fun to share, and all

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